2004 Sponsored Projects

Marie Sester – Beamed (2004)

“Beamed” is an interactive public art installation using advanced technologies to explore surveillance, mass entertainment, and their impact on contemporary life. Beamed turns a public space into an environment in which an unsuspecting individual encounters video and audio ‘apparitions’. In a Web-interface version, any individual can control the installation remotely via the Web, ironically simulating a video game, yet affecting real people in real time. In a live version, an actor hidden at the installation performs the characters improvising dialog and actions.

Zoe Beloff – Charming Augustine (2004)

Inspired by a series of photographs and texts on hysteria published in an insane asylum in Paris in the 1870s under the title “Iconographie photographique de la Salpetriere”, Beloff explores the origins of narrative cinema in the psychological case history. The film focuses on the case of Augustine, the most famous star of the asylum. The film shows how her story can be considered a founding moment in the birth of narrative cinema and how notions of hysteria still haunt the cinema we know today.

Angie Eng – Memobile (2004)

“Memobile” (Memory and Mobile) is performance that explores the transition from a static to a nomadic life. Using interactive video and sound, Eng recreates the poetics of movement and one’s relation to space through symbols. Marcel Duchamp coined the name mobile in French, a pun that suggests both motion and motive for Alexandre Calder’s kinetic sculpture. Eng addresses these concepts to explain how one wanders from place to place to make sense of the world.

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