2004 Presentations

Video Screening 004
January 26
Harvestworks presents a video screening curated by Sara Reisman, independent curator and 2002-03 Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellow in the Whitney Independent Study Program. Part of the Cool New York: A Winter Celebration of Arts & Parks.

Kenta Nagai
February 9
Kenta Nagai’s “shimmering#4” is one in a series of aural contemplations on risk, tension and human nature. This work arises from a series of explorations begun in 1999. Nagai begins by producing feedback with tiny condenser microphones whose initial output is controlled with extremely subtle hand gestures. Using an assortment of foot pedals and digital controls, Nagai harmonizes and orchestrates layers of sound. Sampled feedback and continuously self-generating new tones are used together in creating the composition.

DVDVDVDA Festival 
February 23 – April 4, 2004
Harvestworks will present DVDVDVDA, a surround sound audio and video series, which will highlight new technology in our presentation lab.


February 23
A collaborative duo featuring Kristin Norderval (voice) and Monique Buzzarte (trombone) performing improvised music blending acoustic sounds, electronics and live processing.
Ben Manley
March 1
Contrasting microphone arrays (point-source vs. spaced) will provide shifting wind-in-your-ears for surround. This evening also includes a DVD video by Ursula Scherrer.
Leopanar Whitlarge
March 8
Performance of “Ships of LIght – Contacts with a Higher MInd” 7 “Triple Stars: Crop Circles: Strange Attractors’ with Raphael McAden and Tyrone Mitchell. This evening also includes a DVD video by Shaun Irons & Laren Petty.
Mari Kimura
March 15
Using Surround 5.1 and interactive composition for a violin controlled by Max/MSP. Kimura will create a virtual violin sextet, using each speaker musically along with the live violin. A Harvestworks commission.
Marina Rosenfeld
March 22
A Surround-sound presentation of “emotional orchestra”, exploring the capacity of both untrained and trained musicians to express emotions in music. This evening also includes an installation by Carly Ptak.
Jeremy Bernstein
March 29
Jeremy Bernstein will perform a new audio/visual work based on his explorations in interactive technology.
Ricardo Arias

April 5
A performance of “Chiribiquete,” a sound environment/performance piece with Sean Meehan, Barry Weisblat, and Mauricio Alvarez.

Joshua Fried
April 12
Joshua Fried presents his new suite MUSIC FOR ROBOTS, underwritten by the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation. MUSIC FOR ROBOTS will be performed entirely by the instruments of LEMUR, the New York-based League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots, founded by technologist/musician Eric Singer. In addition to LEMUR instruments, the 30-minute work will employ guitar amps, computer-controlled effects, and 5.1 surround sound system.

Miya Masaoka & Shelley Hirsch
New Sounds/New York @The Kitchen
April 17
The Kitchen and Harvestworks invite Artists In Residence Miya Masaoka and Shelley Hirch to talk about their commissiond works for for sound art pioneer Charlie Morrow’s Sound Cube (TM) – a multi-channel playback environment optimized for Ambisonic sound (a state-of-the-art 3D audio experience).

Mary Flanagan & Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer
April 19
A presentation of new works by creative contact artist Lehrer, and Flanagan, a 2003 Artists In Residence.

Mixing It Up: A Symposium about Responsive Environments and New Technologies in Contemporary Sound and Visual Art
April 23-25, 2004
[Part of Harvestworks’ Interactive Technology Project: Activated Environments and Hybrid Instruments in Contemporary Sound and Visual Art and New Sound New York]
Kira Lynn Harris & Qasim Ali Naqvi
April 26
New works by the 2003 Artists In Residence. Kira has been an artist in residence at numerous venues including The Studio Museum in Harlem and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s World Views residency at the World Trade Center. New York based Qasim will continue work as the Composer in Residence at the Northwestern University Performance/New Media Studies Program.

Ursel Schlicht
May 3
The presentation will feature her soundtrack for the 1926 silent film Faust by Murnau. Ursel is a pianist-composer-improviser who has created music for other classic silent film such as Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Video Screening 005
May 10
An evening of new video works curated by Meg Shiffler. Artists include Phillip Warnel, Ursula Scherrer, Shannon Plumb, Matt Volla, Andrew DeMirjian, Brnet Watanabe, Alexander Hahn, David Phillips and Paul Rowle7y, Sandra Gibson, Kjersti Sundland, Michael Kozien, Cynthia Greig and Richard H. Smith, Michele Beck and Jorge Calvo.

Ashok Sukumaran
August 14 – 17
“Interior Desitgn,” an installation series that transforms the interior in both direct and mediated ways. The audience is asked to constantly readjust their presence, in a space that shifts from cinematic to architectural and vice-versa. Ashok Sukumaran is a media artist interested in unexplored or forgotton forms of viewership, especially those that arrive at intersection of specific sites and media technologies.

Chrysanne Strathacos
September 20
Chysanne Strathacos will present collaborative video and soundworks including Green Machines (1992), One Year ONe Garden (2004) and a work-in-process, The Roses (2004).

Whiz Bang
September 27
An evening of short works created by Meg Shiffer.

ETEAM & Jeff Carey
October 4
Etern will present “1 Acre flat Screen,” a video about a year-long effort to improve a lot of 1.1 Acre in Utah, which was purchased on September 4, 2002, on eBay.com. The work was shown at the New York Video Festival 2004. Jeff Carey presents a surround piece of field recordings of urban and rural SIngapore and Malaysia. Carey is the developer radiantslab.com, an online platform for artists, record labels, and online sound art projects.

David Behrman & John Morton
October 18
David Behrman: Live vocalisations by Joan La Barbara reveal, layer, process and alter recordings from the 1960’s. Voices include Valda Setterfield, Caroline Brown and other members of the Cunningham Dance Company. John Morton performs new works using Max/MSP and music boxes as sound scores and controllers. Most of the material is developed from his work abandoned farm equipment.

WorkSpace Projects
October 23 – November 6
An exhibition at the Chelsea Art Museum of experimental media, surround sound audio and video works, with presentations by artists working with Harvestworks including Julia Heyward, Charles Cohen and Gino Robair, Jeff Carey, Cory Arcangel, Keiko Uenishi and Abagail Child. In addition, the gallery is exhibiting installation works by sound artists Marina Rosenfeld, Matthew Ostrowski, Shelley Hirsch, Chris Mann, Stephen Vitiello, Dafna Naphtali, Hans Tammen, Monya PletschMichelle Nagai, and video artists Lauren Petty and Shaun Irons, Josely Caravalho, Wago Kreider, Ursula Scherrer and Michael Schumacher. Also featured is a video installation by Tirtza Even, co-produced with Brian Karl, and an internet installation, “Socioscan,” by Petko Dourmana.

Nina Goede
November 1
Creative contact artist Nina Goede presents her new opera brut “Olympus Over The City,” a pre-production in four parts, sponsored by NYFA and co-produced by CCMIX Paris/NYU Department of Music and Harverstworks.

Angie Eng & Diane Ludin
November 8
Artist In Residence Angie Eng will present excrepts from “Memobile,” a new media performance which explores the similarities between nomads of primitive societies and digital culture. Artist In Residence Diane Ludin presents “Memory Flesh,” an assemblage of media-montages driven by the live “fake suturing” performances that tell stories about human genome’s emergence as a voice of scientific authority.

Jane Rigler & Olivia Block
November 22
Jane Rigler presnets “traces/Huellas”, inspired by ancient storytelling tradition in which a bard uses voice, motion and gesture to assume the role of a character within a story to pass the teaching of a culture. Artist In Residence Olivia Block presents excrepts from her Sound CUbe installation consisting of cello passages and textural sounds.

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