2005 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies

Robert B. Lisek

FLOAT is an on-line community channel providing a flexible textstream editing solution in real time that is connected with sound and speech tools based on FLEXTEXT software. Tools will be available for users to access, edit, annotate, share, communicate and perform textstreams for worldwide transmission. Robert is an artist, mathematician and a founder of Fundamental Research Lab.

Marc Lafia

“Permutations of a Thousand and One Nights” is a three channel video installation with surround sound. The piece explores computation as both a metaphor and an engine that produces change, differentiation and autopoiesis. Marc has shown his work at the Whitney Museum, Exit Art, Thomas Erben Gallery and in Germany and Japan.

Jillian McDonald

“Snow Stories” is an interactive website and story remixer driven by data provided by the user. Story elements – film, sound, animation and text clips – will be organized into database categories which can be shaken up to create new scenarios. Jillian has created work for Turbulence.org, Rhizome.org, Videographe’s ANCHORAGE/ANCRAGE and the Montreal Biennale.

Terry Nauheim

Terry’s piece will use surround sound video installation built from recorded and processed sound fragments of hand-cast record negatives and corresponding drawings. Terry recently exhibited her work at Sculpture Center in NYC and will collaborate with the Library for American Broadcasting, Univeristy of Maryland on the new work.

Rashaad Newsome

“The Conductor” is a series of single channel video projections with surround sound. Rashaad juxtaposes imagery associated with popular Black youth culture and audio rooted in eurocentrism.

Henry Threadgill

A score for the film “The Hubcaphone” mixes two of his compositional styles together which utilize live and processed instrumental parts. Henry is one of America’s most creative saxophonists who, over a career more than 35 years long, became both a leader in jazz, and a composer who equals anyone working in any form of music today.

LoVid: Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus

Their work centers on raw electrical signals, processed and composed through both homemade and commercial instruments. The results are synesthetic compositions in which image and sound are created as one entity, where image is audible and sound is visible. The new work will investigate engulfment, inspired by circuits, weather patterns and oceans. LoVid has performed in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Rhode Island, Tokyo, London and Belgium.

Olen Hsu

MAX/MSP is used to translate the numerical codes of digitized embroidery patterns into the twelve tones of the Western musical scale.  Olen also uses a process to select and extract pitches relating to Claude Debussy’s harmonic modes to create a score for a string quartet.  The work will be presented at the Bronx Museum of the Arts in Fall 2005.

Kyle deCamp / Zeena Parkins

“Urban Renewal, or Planned Abandonment” is a 30-minute soundstory based on the turmoil of urban renewal in Chicago in the ‘60’s and 70’s.  Parkins’ score and deCamp’s text will mix live and processed techniques for the performance environment.  Zeena Parkins is a multi-instrumentalist well-known as a pioneer of the electric harp which she describes as a “sound machine of limitless capacity.”  Kyle deCamp is a creator of original cross-genre performance works and has toured North America and Europe.

Jin-Yo Mok / Ahmi Wolf

“Light Bead Curtain” is the third object in a series called the MusicBox project.  MusicBox is a sound instrument that integrates an old-fashioned music box with a crank handle by replacing the pins with LEDs and the notes with photo sensors for user interaction. Ahmi Wolf has worked at the Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (STEIM) in Amsterdam as lead developer. Jin-Yo Mok has shown her work in Chicago and New York, and at the Seoul Museum of Art in Korea.

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