2010 Presentations

Instrument For Unseen Letters | Audio Palimpsest
Friday – Sunday, Oct 22 – 24 , 2010 at Harvestworks
In Rebecca Adorno’s Instrument for Unsent Letters, letters from strangers are collected through a blog where people write entries dedicated to someone in an anonymous way. They are then published in the form of audio clips as part of the installation. The random-automatized plucking of custom-made string instruments, by servomotors, controls the play back of the narrations.

SoHo Night: Art by Phillip Stearn
Thursday-Saturday, Oct 14-16, 2010 at Harvestworks
Harvestworks is pleased to present interdisciplinary artist Phillip Stearns as part of Soho Night, an evening of extended exhibition viewing and special programs by the not-for-profit arts organizations in Soho.

Emotion and Probabilistics in Music with Max/MSP/Jitter
Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010 at Harvestworks
When working with electronic music, one is often confronted with the need to make minute continuos variation that do not interfere too much with the basic sound and feel of the music. One way is to create all the details by hand, or to generate constrained randomness by means of markov chains or neural networks.

Plogue Bidule and The Concrete Sound System
Monday, Oct 11, 2010 at Harvestworks
Primus Luta first gravitated to the modular audio environment Plogue Bidule through his Heads project which sought to bridge electronic music production with head based jazz. This exploration led to the creation of a series of DSP instruments in Bidule which exploited the environments flexibility for both sound generation and modular control.

Song of Deborah – Little Charlie Festival
Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at Harvestworks
As Harvestworks participation in the Little Charlie Festival, VOICE AND ELECTRONICS – workshop in vocal music with electronics led by Charlie Morrow and Dafna Naphtali developing Charlie’s solo voice work, The Song of Deborah, from the Book of Judges. The piece will be presented with Harvestworks’ surround sound system. The text is translated from old Hebrew by Harris Lenowitz and Jerome Rothenberg.

Soundhack’s Tom Erbe presents new audio tools for Max/MSP and Pd
Monday, September 20, 2010 at Harvestworks
Tom Erbe, creator of the legendary audio tool SoundHack, will be presenting a collection of free Max and PD externals that he has developed over the past year. In this talk he will be demonstrating many tricks and techniques for using these externals.

Symbiosis: Between Technology, Humans, and Art
Saturday, August 28, 2010 at Harvestworks
A group show exploring interactive digital technology and its applications in contemporary art.  Curated by the interns at Harvestworks, this group presentation will feature interactive video installations, sound art and performance.

Listen In with Ricardo Arias, Nate Wooley, Hans Tammen
Friday July 23, 2010 at Harvestworks
Improviser and composer Ricardo Arias joined Nate Wooley on trumpet and Hans Tammen on endangered guitar in a musical performance utilizing his balloon kit, a number of rubber balloons attached to a suitable structure and played with the hands and a set of accessories, including various kinds of sponges, pieces of Styrofoam, rubber bands, etc.

New Instruments for Improvisation and Experimental Approaches
June 28, 2010 HERE Art Center 2 pm – 10 pm
In a day-long series of presentations, talks and performances, artists Laetitia Sonami, Dafna Naphtali, Matthew Ostrowski and Hans Tammen will discuss how their practice as improvisers, sound artists and experimental musicians lead to inventing their own tools, and how these inventions in turn influenced their musical performance techniques.

Sofia Paraskeva (Rainbow Resonance) and Caroline Chen (Unsettled)
Monday June 14, 2010 at Harvestworks
Artist Caroline Chen presented Unsettled, a multi-channel composition using 5.1 surround sound and Sofia Paraskeva opened her installation Rainbow Resonance, a computer vision installation that generates colors and musical sounds of the equivalent sound frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum according to the motion of the participator.

Digital Materialism and its Ramifications in Arts Practice with Jon Meyer
Monday June 7, 2010 at Harvestworks
Artist Jon Meyer examined the relationship between hand and tool in art and described the relationship between coding and sketching.

Listen In with David Morneau and David Hindman
Friday March 12, 2010 at Harvestworks
Harvestworks Artist In Residence alumni Composer David Morneau discussed and demonstrated his approach to music visualization and sound artist David Hindman presented a set of custom software tools designed for use in instrument-controlled computer applications.

Listen In with David Watson
March 6 at Harvestworks
Harvestworks was pleased to present composer David Watson who is exploring and expanding the boundaries of the Highland Bagpipe instrument.  This work was produced in part through the Harvestworks Artist In Residence Program.

SoHo Night with Saya Woolfalk and Briggan Krauss
Thursday March 4, 2010 at Harvestworks
Harvestworks presented visual artist Saya Woolfalk and sound artist Briggan Krauss as part of Soho Night, an evening of extended exhibition viewing and special programs by the not-for-profit arts organizations in Soho.  These works were produced in part through the Harvestworks Artist In Residence Program.

Masterclass and Presentation by Lucky Dragons
Wednesday February 24, 2010 at Harvestworks
Harvestworks was pleased to present multi-media artist Luke Fischbeck of Los Angeles-based collective Lucky Dragons.

Listen In with Rosa Sanchez and Alain Baumann
Tuesday February 23, 2010 at Harvestworks
Barcelona-based artistic platform Konic thtr discussed their project A {d’aigua}, a short piece for a dancer, a performer and a musician, composing an audiovisual environment in real time.

Jenny Vogel / Caroline Chen & Caroline Bergonzi
January 7 at Harvestworks
As part of our Listen In series,  multi-media artists Jenny Vogel, Caroline Chen, and Caroline Bergonzi presented recent works developted while enrolled in Harvestworks’ Certificate Program.

Hui-Yu Su / Tomomi Adachi
January 11 at Harvestworks
Su will show his recent video series The Fabled Shoots based on TV culture and discuss his recent series of still photos titled Wish You Were Here. Together these works are exploring the idea of “Self-shooting generation” in Taiwan or maybe the whole world, an idea which represent a new point of view about self-conscious. Adachi will talk about his self-made instruments and original interfaces. Also he will present a performance with them..

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