[Apr 9] TIP Master Class #11 with Will Pappenheimer

Wrapping up the master classes for the Technology Immersion Program will be new media artist Will Pappenheimer who will discuss the development of approaches to mobile augmented reality (AR) in relation to his works over the past decade. His current work explores the collage of the virtual and physical worlds in mixed reality. He is a pioneer of augmented reality (AR) art and a founding member of the AR collective, Manifest.AR formed in 2011. His presentation will consider immersion and site or object specificity in new forms of hybrid virtual artworks. The workshop following this presentation will introduce participants to basic methods of creating and viewing AR.

Saturday April 9, 2022 on zoom

 The workshop following the artist presentation will introduce participants to basic methods of creating AR and how to view it on mobile devices. Hoverlay is a free app and online API that will form the foundation for this process. Participants will need a recent Apple or Android mobile smart phone or an iPad or Android tablet. If participants have an internet connected Apple or Windows computer they can use it to create the works with more workspace. Then, once instantly published, their projects can be viewed on the mobile devices as the end AR experience.

“Repairs,”  Will Pappenheimer, 2021, screen shot of installation, custom IOS augmented reality app on iPad Pro, various domestic objects, shelving unit and formica and framed painting. Dimensions approximately: 60”w x 60”d x 60”h

Artist Bio

Will Pappenheimer is a Brooklyn based artist and educator working in new media, performance and installation. His current work explores the collage of the virtual and physical worlds in the recent medium of augmented or mixed reality. His projects and performances have been shown internationally at Whitney Museum of American Art, the New Museum and the Moving Image Art Fair in New York; LACMA and Fringe Exhibitions, Los Angeles; San Francisco MOMA; Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam; FACT, Liverpool, UK; Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul; the ICA, CyberArts Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington. He recently debuted a solo show of new at the Alpha Gallery in Boston. His works have been reviewed in the Whitney Museum curator, Christiane Paulʼs historical editions of “Digital Art,” Art in America, New York Times, Hyperallergic.org, WIRED, the Boston Globe, and EL PAIS, Madrid. A documentary on his work is as part of Bloomberg TV’s Art + Technology series.  

Privateers Reenactment, Will Pappenheimer 2017, iPad screenshot of GPS AR view from Derby Wharf, Salem Maritime Historic Site, MA

“…these works masterfully illuminate the moment. But we are always, in this life, waking from and drifting into trances. Pappenheimer crystallizes those liminal moments, and it’s captivating, soothing, and discomforting all at once.”  It’s good timing for augmented reality Will Pappenheimer’s ‘Home Remedies for Lucid Dreaming’ is at Alpha Gallery, by Cate McQuaid Globe Correspondent, April 21, 2021
 … the basis for Pappenheimer’s Still Oasis (2021), an augmented reality installation that spans one of the two exhibition rooms, transforming it into a quiet beach replete with palm trees. A car with an open driver-side door and slightly perplexed passenger looking out is a humorous nod to the aspiration of the Rothko Room. We move within this still life, oddly aware of the profundity of our motility.” The Brooklyn Rail, Still/Live by Charlotte Kent, March, 2021
Will Oppenheimer has been continually exploring not only the aesthetic, political, and interactive arenas of ARS a fine art medium, but also its potential to activate certain emotional and even physical experiences… each also demonstrates the potential of immersive media to combine the powers of painting, video, and performance in its calculated effect on our emotional responses art viewers. Murat Orozobekov and Edward Winkelmann, Synthetic Cells: Site and (Para)Site,  Grounds for Sculpture  catalog for Michael Rees, Scholar Arts Publishers, Inc. 2020








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