[Oct 5] The 2023-24 Technology Immersion Program (TIP)- Application Deadline Nov. 6, 2023

The 2023-24 Technology Immersion Program (TIP) is a national program that offers American artists and legal US residents a 6 month professional development program for technical training in the creation of technology-based artworks and networking, performance and exhibition opportunities. Applicants will receive extensive training with our expert instructors and participate… Continue reading

[April 15] TIP Master Class #9 Some Approaches to Web Based Music with Tommy Martinez

In this two hour guide participants will get an overview of the methods and tools available for sound synthesis, spatialization, and arrangement on the World Wide Web. The presentation will highlight key works that embody and predate web based musical performance as well as speculate on the possibility of new… Continue reading

[Mar 25] TIP Master Class #7 Sonic Virtualities: Sound and Site with Matthew D. Gantt

Artist talk and workshop exploring composition in virtual media environments, creative approaches to game engines and WebVR platforms as musical tools, and related techniques for working with ambisonics. DATES AND TIMES: Saturday March 25, 2023 from 1-3 pm LOCATION: Online Bio: Matthew D. Gantt  is an artist, composer and educator… Continue reading

[Mar 11] TIP Master Class #6 on Research-Based Studio Practice with Artist Laura Splan

Laura Splan will discuss her interdisciplinary art practice that combines experimentation, production, & collaboration. Her conceptually layered work explores the sublime complexity of the biological world while unraveling entanglements of natural and built systems. Her research-driven projects connect hidden artifacts of science to the everyday with embodied interactions and sensory… Continue reading

[Mar 5] TIP Master Class #5 with Matthew Ostrowski

Composer and sound artist Matthew Ostrowski will discuss his approach to live electronic music, demonstrating his sensor-driven performance instrument and explicating some of the techniques involved, including concatenative synthesis, physical modeling, and phase vocoding. In addition, we will explore interaction techniques using the Leap Motion 3D tracking camera, learn the… Continue reading

[Feb 18] TIP Master Class #2: Embodied Intelligence & the Future of Performance with Heidi Boisvert

photo of Lizardly performance

In this seminar, Dr. Heidi Boisvert will discuss current empirical research methods and insights emerging from the Limbic Lab, which employs biometrics, machine learning, and predictive models to isolate effective narrative ingredients across various mediums of expression. Boisvert will share how this research informs the creation of bio-adaptive networked dance… Continue reading