[June 1] AI Workshop For Artists

Artificial Intelligence has disrupted the creative world and artists need to understand how it works and its risks and benefits. In this easily accessible introductory workshop we take the hype out of the process discussing growing trends and artistic practice, culminating in a hands-on group project. This special workshop is directed… Continue reading

[May 4] TIP Workshop “Exploring Projection Mapping and Sound Sonification” by Ivana Dama

This hands-on session is designed to explore the capabilities of Adobe After Effects’ projection mapping tools. We will learn how to project video content onto physical objects. The second half of the workshop will focus on sound sonification using Ableton and Processing, where we will explore various tools to incorporate… Continue reading

[Feb 24] TIP Master Class #6: Embodied Intelligence & the Future of Performance with Heidi Boisvert

photo of Lizardly performance

In this seminar, Dr. Heidi Boisvert will discuss current empirical research methods and insights emerging from the Limbic Lab, which employs biometrics, machine learning, and predictive models to isolate effective narrative ingredients across various mediums of expression. Boisvert will share how this research informs the creation of bio-adaptive networked dance… Continue reading

[Jan 27, Feb 3, & Feb 10] TIP Master Class #2 with Bob Bellerue: Experimental Sound Practices

In this workshop, we will talk through various approaches to making a “signal chain” from ideas to audiences to archives.  Starting from an up-close demonstration of Bob’s setup for performances, we will discuss his approach to multidimensional sound using his core working tools of the matrix mixer, microphones / contact… Continue reading