[April 29] Downtown Culture Walk for Soho Arts Network

Downtown Culture Walk is held in conjunction with Inventing Downtown: Artist-Run Galleries in New York City, 1952–1965 at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery, curated by Melissa Rachleff, clinical associate professor in NYU’s Steinhardt School. On view through April 1, 2017. Art in America is the media partner for Downtown Culture Walk.
The SoHo Arts Network is a working network of nonprofit art spaces in SoHo. We celebrate the rich history of our unique creative community and collectively share our distinctive cultural contributions to the lives of residents and visitors.

(11AM) The Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery

  • 417 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003
  • Hours: 11AM to 6PM (2017)
  • Paper Revelation will be on view on the fourth floor, an exhibition of contemporary works in, on, and of paper in two-dimensional, three-dimensional and video formats by five Korean artists, Sup Ham, Jeong Min Suh, Ilhwa Kim, Sung Hee Cho, and Won Ha. The artists explore the versatility of the centuries-old Korean paper tradition while translating their inspirations onto paper and altering the nature of the medium. At 11AM and 4PM, there will be walkthroughs ofPaper Revelation in the fourth floor gallery followed by works by Po Kim and Sylvia Wald on view in the seventh floor gallery by Assistant Director Ann Thurmond.
  • www.waldandkimgallery.org

(11:30AM) Center for Architecture AIA New York Chapter

    • 536 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012
    • Hours: 11AM to 5PM
    • The Center for Architecture will host a walkthrough of its current exhibition Architecture of Independence: African Modernism, which presents over 700 photographs, as well as archival materials, historical photos, newspaper clippings, postcards, videos, plans, and sketches, documenting the ambivalences of decolonization, its contradictions, and inconsistencies, but also its ambitions, aims, and aspirations.
    • cfa.aiany.org

(12PM) The Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation

    • 526 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012
    • Hours: 11AM to 6PM
    • The Foundation will be open from 11AM to 6PM. Stop by to explore the historic home and studio of American sculptor Chaim Gross (1904-91). The current temporary exhibition on view is Building Identity: Chaim Gross and Artists’ Homes & Studios in New York City, 1953-74, closing June 30. At 12PM, a walkthrough focusing on the historic installation of the collection will be given by Interim Director Sasha Davis.
    • www.rcgrossfoundation.org

Harvestworks, Digital Media Art Center

    • 596 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
    • Hours: 12PM to 6PM
    • Harvestworks will present Seven Futures by Taeyoon Choi and Christine Sun Kim. For this installation, the artists came up with seven potential futures and gave form to them as wind chimes with electronics and motors. As each wind chime creates sound in various speeds, they will gradually become one collective and intersectional future, in both controlled and abstract senses.
    • www.harvestworks.org

International Center for Photography

    • 250 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
    • Hours: 10AM to 6PM
    • ICP is offering $4 off general admission tickets to the ICP Museum. Currently on view is Perpetual Revolution: The Image and Social Change, an examination of endless new streams of provocative, powerful, and sometimes frightening media images and their connections to social upheaval and transformation. ICP is also offering a 10% discount in the ICP Museum shop.
    • www.icp.org

New Museum

    • 235 Bowery, New York, NY 10002
    • Hours: 11AM to 6PM
    • New Museum’s Lynette Yiadom-Boakye: Under-Song For A Cipher will be on view. This exhibition brings together a selection of works by British artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, a 2013 Turner Prize finalist and one of the most renowned painters of her generation. Her lush oil paintings embrace many of the conventions of historical European portraiture, but expand on that tradition by engaging fictional subjects who often serve as protagonists of the artist’s short stories as well.
    • www.newmuseum.org

Dia: The New York Earth Room / 141 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012

Dia: The Broken Kilometer / 393 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012

      • Hours: 11AM to 6PM (Closed 3 to 3:30PM)
      • From the beginning, Dia demonstrated a willingness to follow and support artists’ ideas. Many of Dia’s early, major projects are sited outside the museum or gallery. Dia commissioned and maintains Walter De Maria’s installationsThe New York Earth Room (1977) and The Broken Kilometer (1979) in New York City. Both of these installations have been on view for over 30 years. During the Downtown Culture Walk, visitors can experience these installations from 11am-6pm.
      • www.diaart.org

(2PM) Emily Harvey Foundation

    • 537 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
    • Hours: 11AM to 6PM
    • The EHF will host a special screening of Jean Dupuy’s early collective performance concerts along with a selection of his works from the EHF collection. Marking an extraordinary moment of collaboration among some of the leading artists of this generation, these “collective performance” videos capture a unique and radically interdisciplinary moment in the history of the 70s. In them, we witness an intersection of means and talents, an organized series of actions and contributions wholly unlike the modes of collaborative practice that came earlier (e.g. in Fluxus) or later (the broader field of Art Performance as we know it today).
    • www.emilyharveyfoundation.org

Judd Foundation

    • 101 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012
    • Hours: 11AM to 6PM
    • The first and second floors of 101 Spring Street, a five story cast-iron building located at the corner of Spring Street and Mercer Street and former home and studio of Donald Judd, will be free and open to the public. Judd Foundation artist guides will be on hand to answer questions.
    • www.juddfoundation.org

Storefront for Art and Architecture

    • 97 Kenmare St, New York, NY 10012
    • Hours: 11AM to 6PM
    • Storefront for Art and Architecture’s current exhibition,Control Syntax Rio, will be on view. In response to catastrophic natural disasters, calamitous traffic congestion, and urban health epidemics in Rio de Janeiro, the Centro de Operações Rio (COR) was designed as a corrective tool and as a new command and control hub that would allow the city to prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games. Curated by Farzin Lotfi-Jam and Mark Wasiuta, the exhibition shows the city of Rio structured through COR’s control syntax and smart city command processes.
    • www.storefrontnews.org

(3PM) Center for Italian Modern Art – CIMA

    • 421 Broome St, New York, NY 10013
    • Hours: 11AM to 6PM
    • Mission Statement: CIMA is a non-profit exhibition and research center presenting modern and contemporary Italian art to international audiences. Through critically acclaimed exhibitions, public programs, and support for new scholarship, CIMA brings visitors into contact with rarely seen masterpieces and provides a fresh, intimate model for experiencing art.
    • CIMA’s current exhibition, Giorgio de Chirico – Giulio Paolini / Giulio Paolini – Giorgio de Chirico, will be on view. At 3PM, Annina Nosei, pioneer SoHo gallerist, will be in conversation with CIMA Fellow Fabio Cafagna on the history and legacy of contemporary art in SoHo and her relationship with the Italian art scene.
    • www.italianmodernart.org

See 7.
(3:30PM) The Drawing Center

    • 35 Wooster St, New York, NY 10013
    • Hours: 12PM to 6PM
    • The Drawing Center’s exhibition, Exploratory Works: Drawings from the Department of Tropical Research Field Expeditions will be on view. This exhibition brings to light, for the first time, an archive of images that illustrate the formation of our modern definition of nature by William Beebe (1877–1962), one of America’s greatest popularizers of ecological thinking and biological science. Curated by Mark Dion, Katherine McLeod, and Madeleine Thompson. There will be an exhibition walkthrough with The Drawing Center’s Executive Director Brett Littman at 3:30PM.
    • www.drawingcenter.org


    • 41 Grand St, New York, NY 10013
    • Hours: 12PM to 6PM
    • Artist Am Schmidt will be participating in Recess’s signature program, Session, with a project entitled Recess, May 21, 2014. Session invites artists to use Recess’s public platform to combine productive studio space with dynamic exhibition opportunities. Sessions remain open to the public from the first day of the artist’s project through the last, encouraging sustained dialogue between artists and audiences. The artist will be present at Recess from 12-6pm to discuss her work in progress.
    • www.recessart.org

(4PM) Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

    • 26 Wooster St, New York, NY 10013
    • Hours: 12PM to 6PM
    • The inaugural exhibition in the newly renovated and vastly expanded Museum space, Expanded Visions: Fifty Years of Collecting, is a historic collection show with approximately 250 works on view. The exhibition presents a survey of the collection initiated by the Museum co-founders, Charles Leslie and Fritz Lohman, who have spent more than 50 years amassing artworks that speak directly to the LGBTQ experience. Their early efforts yielded a unique archive of work that would have otherwise been lost or destroyed, making up the core of the Museum’s expansive collection. At 4PM, there will be a walkthrough by Museum staff.
    • www.leslielohman.org

(4:30PM) apexart

    • 291 Church St, New York, NY 10013
    • Hours: 11AM to 6PM
    • Tired of cooking the same old recipes? Learn some tips and tricks to improve your creativity in the kitchen in Outlaw Kitchen. This demo-presentation will offer new ways to bring flavorful herbs and herbal infusions into your favorite dishes, oils, and beverages. This event is in conjunction with the exhibition Outlaw Glass, organized by David Bienenstock,which examines work from leading functional glass artists. apexart is a nonprofit contemporary arts organization founded in 1994 and located in Lower Manhattan.
    • www.apexart.org

(5PM) SoHo Photo Gallery

    • 15 White St, New York, NY 10013
    • Hours: 11AM to 6PM
    • David Kutz, one of SoHo Photo Gallery’s members, will have work on view. At 5PM, there will be an artist talk by Kutz, titled The Stranger’s Path. Inspired by an essay titled The Stranger’s Path by the renowned American geographer, J.B. Jackson, and the great panoramas of the early 19th-century, this 21-foot long, 210-degree panoramic work considers the commonality of the modern travel experience.
    • www.sohophoto.com
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