[Artists Studios] Autonomous Prism | Solarwind Over Sorrow and N’CHI App by Jakob Dwight

Autonomous Prism | Solarwind Over Sorrow are two lightboxes featuring exploring cinematographic and illuminated abstraction through filmic prints 

N’CHI is a sci-fi world-building app and micronation generator for mobile smartphone.

Autonomous Prism / Solarwind Over Sorrow are two light boxes featuring filmic prints from an ongoing series of digital imagery derived from a computer glitch video found on the artist’s computer screen during a residency in Berlin in 2010.  Called Black Mirror (2010) – titled one year before the popular sci-fi series, interestingly – this found video artifact has produced 249K images that the artist reworks as digital collages to create abstractions with an emphasis on cinematographic effects, as if abstracted film stills.

N’CHI chronicles the longheld interaction of several hominid species   on a newly discovered exoplanet called SDAAV91QMi, shortened to Sdaav, pronounced stahv. through the cultivation of interplanetary Natural and Cultural History Museums filled with artifacts from these populations, their cultures and environments. N’CHI Users will take up Nation and Group avatars to a continuum of challenges thrown at them by their hostile new world reported in news feeds and interactive maps, and fight for their nation’s survival through the capture of various forms of energy and the strategic macromanagement of national resources. Players can bring their avatars and nations to life through the poetic display of their artifacts and cultural capital in curated and scheduled live and in-app art installations, exhibitions, and rituals.

Originally trained as a painter, Jakob Dwight was drawn to digital software as an opportunity to explore the transformative impact of digital media on painting and the painterly perspective. 

Inspired by the opiated, meditative quality of the screen-based televisual space, the artist employs multiple media including painting, drawing, digital photography, collage and smartphone apps to explore the contemporary modes of image-making and viewing, and the televisual art experience itself.

Dwight’s work has been presented internationally, including in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Berlin, Atlanta, Vienna, and New York. He has exhibited in Kassel, Germany as part of the Kreuzberg Pavillon at dOCUMENTA (13), 2012. In the same year, he was awarded the Harvestworks New Works residency in New York. In 2010, Dwight was invited to attend GlogauAIR artists’ residency in Germany, and in the following year, 2011, he was awarded a United States artist’s residency. 

As part of the Aesthetics & Therapeutics Lab, a collectively run platform developed to initiate installations and experiments in immersive art and healing, Dwight has installed a multi-sensory environment at Vortex Immersion Media Dome in LA in 2014. He was commissioned by the Seattle Art Museum to create new work for the Disguise: Masks and Global African Art exhibition at UCLA’s Fowler Museum, which traveled to the Brooklyn Museum, New York in April 2016. 

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