[August 14] I-CubeX- Motion Sensors for Digital Media Control

The I-CubeX line of products aims to facilitate the design and implementation of environments and objects that respond to human actions such as walking, reaching, touching etc. as well as environmental parameters such as illumination, temperature, humidity etc.. The response can be in the form of sound, music, video, graphics, animation, robotic movement, etc.. Such responses are generated by 3rd party equipment. While it is a widely used tool for prototyping and experimentation with human interfacing it is also perfectly suitable as a scientific research tool to gather data about movement and behaviour. Examples of I-CubeX sensors and software will be presented and discussed. Attendees will be able to try out I-CubeX equipment by following along with the presentation.

I-CubeX Workshop:

Sunday, August 14 2016 1-3pm

596 Broadway #602
New York, NY 10012

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