Calendar for the 2017 New York Electronic Art Festival

May 26 – July 23: Island Electronics, Art and Technology Works by Liz Phillips, Wave Crossings,  Claudia Hart The Flower Matrix, Matthew Ostrowski Western Electric,  Marshall Reese/Nora Ligorano Dawn of the Anthropocene  and Max Kazemzadeh / Reza Safavi   Paggank Daywaygun (2017) at Governors Island Bldg 7a Nolan Park

June 1st: Richard Jochum at Made in NY Media Center

June 1 – 2nd: Claudia Robles

June 1 – July 14: Stephan Moore at The Church of the Ascension

June 9 – 13: Andrew Dimerjian & James Proctor

June 9 : Cecilia Lopez 

June 9 – 10 Katherine Liberovskaya

June 16 – 18: Heidi Neilson and Thomas Martinez and Kim Fisher

June 22 – 25: Kevin Roark Jr.

June 24: Experience Lab by Liz Phillips on Governors Island

June 29: Dan Joseph and Andrea Williams

July 1:Paggank Daywaygun (2017)  and Experience Lab by Max Kazemzadeh / Reza Safavi on Governors Island

July 7 – 13: Imaging Tellus #28: Heard in LA

July 8: Artist Day Reception for Island Electronics and performance by Ernst Reijseger at 2 pm and at 4 pm

July 14: David Rosenboom and Viv Corringham at Issue Project Room

July 15: Wearables Experience Lab by Liz Tolson on Governors Island

July 16: Dalia Raudonikytė

July 18: World Listening Day with Stephan Moore, Scott Smallwood and Suzanne Thorpe at Issue Project Room

July 21 – 23: ThingNY ensemble

July 22: Experience Lab by Liz Phillips on Governors Island

July 28 – 30: Roy Werner and John Bromley

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