[July 18] World Listening Day 2017- Listening to the Ground with Stephan Moore, Scott Smallwood & Suzanne Thorpe

Harvestworks is pleased to partner with Issue Project room to present Stephan Moore, Scott Smallwood and Suzanne Thorpe each presenting new work using Paul Geluso’s immersive 3D Sound Object in homage to the experimental legacy of Pauline Oliveros, presented as a part of World Listening Day. Pauline was known to encourage musicians… Continue reading

[July 16] “Solitarius in 5.1” by Dalia Raudonikytė With

Composer Dalia Raudonikytė With focuses on exploring nuances within the phenomenon of sound, approaching it from a variety of multi-disciplinary angles including the visual arts, literature, philosophy, computer programming, ethnography and electroacoustic music. This innovating and contemporary context enables composer to blur genre boundaries and create works combining philosophical ideas… Continue reading