[May 12-13] CTW Exhibition: háček by Margaret Anne Schedel and Melissa F. Clarke

háček presents a physical installation, VR experience, and printed data maps. It employs data to inform an immersive installation while positioning it’s larger impact towards metaphors of networked landscape, security and wayfinding. The data used is taken from real network traffic logs, tracking hackers in real time as they race… Continue reading

[May 8] Kinefy Workshop: movement interaction with Max and Processing

Harvestworks Presents Kinefy Workshop: movement interaction with Max and Processing by Federico Visi and Andrew Telichan Phillips  Kinefy is a software framework designed for enhancing conventional musical instruments through the body movements and gestures of the performer. It provides tools for using widely available wearable sensors to extend the expressive possibilities of existing… Continue reading

[May 7] Song by Morton Subotnick

Harvestworks in Association with Knockdown Center presents an evening with Morton Subotnick Saturday May 7, 2016 8pm-9pm   Morton Subotnick will present Song, an evening-length, site-specific composition for the Knockdown Center, an architecturally and acoustically superior space located in Maspeth, New York. The work features live electronics by the composer diffused… Continue reading

[May 7] Cyclone by Joan La Barbara

Harvestworks in Association with Knockdown Center Presents CYCLONE (1977) by Joan LaBarbara CYCLONE is a quadraphonic sound performance/installation of the newly restored multichannel work by Joan La Barbara scored for multiple voices, percussion and Arp 2600 synthesizer sounds, for “semi-live” performance on multiple speakers with the original light panning device custom… Continue reading