[June 26] Satoshi Takeishi: Whirlpool

“Whirlpools” In a parallel world in which we live in, there are energy points where the “visible” and the “invisible” creates whirlpools, a swirling body of energy, the entrance to the infinite spiritual cycle known as “dreamtime”. Satoshi Takeishi explores multi-cultural, electronics and improvisational music with local musicians and composers… Continue reading

Brendan Fernandes: Buli

Three text animations that pulse between a written vernacular and a translation in morse code. The works play with the form of museum wall labels and the lexicon in museum provenance reports used to describe African objects. The installation is located in THE NEW YORK ELECTRONIC ART FESTIVAL Building 10b,… Continue reading

SoHo Night: Art by Phillip Stearns

Harvestworks is pleased to present interdisciplinary artist Phillip Stearns as part of Soho Night, an evening of extended exhibition viewing and special programs by the not-for-profit arts organizations in Soho. We will present Macular Degeneration and Apeiron | Peras, 5.1 surround sound and video works recently completed by the artist… Continue reading

New Instruments for Improvisation and Experimental Approaches at HERE ARTS CENTER

Symposium on June 28, 2010 at HERE ARTS CENTER, New York: New instruments for Improvisation and Experimental Approaches with Laetitia Sonami, Dafna Naphtali, Matthew Ostrowski and Hans Tammen New Instruments For Improvisation And Experimental Approaches, an investigation into contemporary sound art and experimental music using custom made electronic instruments, will… Continue reading