Congrats to Composer George Lewis

Harvestworks congrats George Lewis on his New York Times Article, Lifting the Cone of Silence from Black Composer.” July 3, 2020.

Some quotes from the article:

“A cone of silence hangs over the work of Black composers from Africa and its diaspora. It is not that Black men and women have not written music, but too often it has been ignored — and thus assumed not to exist at all.”

“If Black lives matter now more than ever, hearing Black liveness in classical music also matters. The alternative is an addiction to exclusion that ends, as addictions often do, in impoverishment.”

Definitely worth a read! – Carol Parkinson, director

George Lewis was a resident of Harvestworks in collaboration with Marina Rosenfeld and recorded a project called “Sour Mash” that was published on vinyl/CD by Tellus/Innova Records. The project had a unique format, each side of the vinyl disc functioned as a standalone composition by one of the artists but with two copies of the vinyl, a third collaborative composition emerges when synchronized by the start points on each record.

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Here’s an article about Sour Mash:

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