[Sept 12,13] Daniel Belquer: Dripping Bulbs – everything flows

Water, light, sound, bits, everything flows. Our senses build time as a form of perception. ‘DRIPPING BULBS – everything flows’ is an interactive intermedia
installation that uses light bulbs and water to build a dripping water
singing drum. The speed and the frequency of the pitch being generated can
be controlled through a wireless touch screen.

September 12th (Sat) and 13th (Sun) 2015 4 – 7pm

Modal music and indigenous stomping has long being part of many rituals as
a powerful means of achieving altered states of consciousness. Some African ceremonies and shamans throughout the world are very aware of these techniques.

Dripping bulbs make organic drumming. Mechanical stomping and digital whistling like ancient flute playing. Biomechanical devices. Ancient sounds with wireless interfaces. Blurred historical frontiers and enhancement of one’s personal time.

I wanted to build a magical machine. A machine that welcomes error and one that finds its way to our pineal gland as we decide to receive these messages, from this secret place that belongs to our individual self but at the same time connects us to a prime being, a state of existence common to all things, animated or not. I wanted to build poetic machinery to address that. Welcome. Thank you for letting yourself go through tech wizardry. Panta Rhei!

A contemporary intermedia artist, Daniel Belquer works internationally to blur the temporal frontiers once bounding classic artistic genres from emerging technologies. Daniel has worked as an artist, Max/MSP programmer, designer, technician, composer, teacher, project manager and as experimental theater director. Wearing several hats has kept him engaged in the technical as well as artistic aspects of his installations and theatrical works, incorporating the DIY spirit into his work ethos.

Since 1999 Daniel has collaborated and assisted over 2,000 students in music, performance art, acting and programming workshops. He lives and works in New York City, where he’s the Director of Special Projects and founder of Harvestworks’ International Art Collective (HIAC). He has recently presented his projects at Prague Quadrennial (Czech Republic), Pasinger Fabrik (Munich), SESC Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro), Agora Arts Center (Berlin), Harvestworks, 3LD, The Dark Circuits Festival, Firehouse Gallery, Emily Harvey Gallery, Parsons School of Design, Transfer Gallery, Maker Faire, Spectrum and Hyphen Hub.

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