MEMORYSCAPES by Emilio Vavarella

Memoryscapes by Emilio VavarellaAs a special extension of the NYEAF 2015 (New York Electronic Arts Festival), we’re pleased to invite you to the first installment of Emilio Vavarella’s MEMORYSCAPES. The project has been developed over the course of two years at Harvestworks and includes a 7-channel immersive audio installation produced in collaboration with sound engineer Kevin Ramsay, cutting edge holographic technology, digital images, and a printed publication.

Harvestworks will be open throughout the weekend to showcase Vavarella’s latest investigation on how memory and reality affect one another. The work will be on view at the following times:

Friday the 28th, 2015: opening at 7pm
Saturday the 29th, 2015: 1-5pm
Sunday the 30th, 2015: 1-5pm

In 2013, Vavarella began looking for Italians living in New York City who would allow him to interview them; specifically ones who expressed an emotional link to the city of Venice. He wanted to explore how an objective 3D model of Venice could be altered and glitched by their collective memories. Through the interviews, he gathered large amounts of architectonical data (structures, distances, descriptions, dimensions, details) as well as stories and memories that were audio-recorded, creating a memory archive. Vavarella developed a way to merge their personal memories of the city with tridimensional satellite data, creating a holographic and fragmented “audio-cartography” of Venice. New phantasmagoric and paradoxical structures appeared, created by this unforeseen combination of technical and mnemonic errors.

Emilio Vavarella graduated summa cum laude from both the University of Bologna with a B.A. in Visual, Cultural, and Media Studies, and from Iuav University of Venice with an M.A. in Visual Arts and study abroad fellowships at Bezalel Academy of Tel Aviv and Bilgi University of Istanbul. His work has been exhibited at Eyebeam, ISEA, Siggraph Conference, European Media Art Festival, Japan Media Arts Festival, CultureHub Media Art Festival, GLITCH Festival, Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Boston Cyberarts Gallery, Jarach Gallery, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, and has been published in ARTFORUM, Leonardo, Digital Creativity, and WIRED, among others.

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