[Dec 12] HWxHausmusik presents Pure Rave

Pure Rave, a collective based in Detroit, Michigan, is an ongoing experiment in “chance dance”. Using various prepared turntables, “damaged” records, the occasional drum machine, the effect is an indeterminate arrangement of patterns and rhythmic sonic collage. Real-time experimentation with the goal of hitting your pleasure center for whatever your brain thinks is interesting. Pure Rave is in residence at Harvestworks.

DATE: Thursday December 12, 2019  TIME: 7 pm


LOCATION: Harvestworks 596 Broadway Suite 602 @ Houston St. Manhattan

Set amidst the context of contemporary Detroit electronic music, the group has no trouble finding endless bins of trashed Midwestern dance records and no problem hosing them off in the front yard of their apartment building. Cheap or free turntables of questionable condition are also bountiful in this town. 

Expanding on techniques developed by experimentalists Christian Marclay, Pierre Schaeffer, Otomo Yoshihide, Maria Chavez, Qbert, Graham Dunning, and anyone who’s ever enjoyed what happens when their record starts skipping, Core members Nick George and Bryan Dulaney approach the Pure Rave project as a set of rules and limitations for an inaccessible academic experimental music scene and vapid modern DJ culture. In Fluxus-like fashion, the result is often humorous.

About Pure Rave An experimental electronic noise project from Bryan Dulaney and Nick George. The two are like techno geologists, digging up crazy sounds while throwing traditional 4/4 tools out the window. Both are active in the Detroit music scene as well. Nick provides great Japanese foods under his alias Dr. Sushi, while Bryan is a key figure in the elusive Adult Contemporary.

•      Additional BIOS
Nick George is the Owner of a sustainable sushi catering company called “Dr. Sushi” and is the Founder the Detroit Pop Up Alliance – an organization comprised of culinary professionals that serves as centralized place of communication where industry members share opportunities, resources, and knowledge. George holds a B.F.A in Media Studies and Anthropology from Wayne State University, is a former event director of the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, and is the producer of music documentary series Far Off Sounds. George has also recorded and toured as Grass Canyon, and with groups Zone Dogs and Aphasiacs.  

Bryan Dulaney is a DJ and producer from Detroit, MI. Bryan began his DJ career while studying Performing Arts Technology at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theater & Dance. Through playing house parties and club residencies in Ann Arbor and Detroit, he became more integrated into the Detroit club scene and began throwing raves with the Adult Contemporary party crew. As a member of Pure Rave, Bryan brings his experience of club style DJing and pairs it with his passion for electronic composition and sonic exploration.



COLLABORATORS – Sarah Cohen (Wetdogg), Cy Tulip (Circument), Ben Kudler, Onyx Ashanti, Gus Brovold (Radio Brovold)

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