[Mar 16] TIP Master Class #7 with Creative Technologist Danielle McPhatter

Danielle McPhatter is a creative technologist that collaborates with artists, designers and musicians to help develop and realize their work. As emerging technology such as XR and GenAI continue to evolve at a rapid pace, it is critical that artists, who are often at the bleeding edge of society and technology, lead the way in thinking about how these technologies can serve as a tool to augment us, rather than replace us. Danielle helps artists in facilitating and curating an open space for play, curiosity and experimentation with technology, while also using it as an avenue to discuss social, political, environmental and ethical issues through art and experience.

DATES AND TIMES:  Saturday March 16, 2024 from 1 – 3 pm

LOCATION: online


Danielle McPhatter is a NYC-based creative technologist working at the intersection of emerging technology, art and humanity. She has been a technical collaborator to a variety of artists throughout her career, experimenting in work across XR, AI/ML, IoT, spatial audio/sound art, robotics and many more.

As an artist at heart, Danielle’s passion lies in exploring alternative modes of storytelling and embodied immersive experience, crafting work that revolve around themes of play, movement, intimacy, vulnerability, and the fluidity between physical and digital space. Her work is deeply rooted in her lived experiences as a mixed-race queer woman, having grown up in the inner cities of Irvington and Newark, NJ.

She has served as the technical lead for several large scale installations, which have debuted in major events such as Sundance New Frontiers, Ars Electronica, NYC Design Week and SXSW. She is currently working at Ernst and Young leading the artist-in-residency program within the EY Metaverse Lab, where she continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation. Her inquiry-driven approach, fueled by artistic expression and a profound focus on lived experiences, reinforces her commitment to reshaping the future of technology in a deeply meaningful and transformative way.

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