Gisburg (Audio For Film & TV)

I’ve been working in music and film studios in NYC for over 23 years, pretty much doing anything: singing in front of the mic, recording behind the console, putting up mics, scoring films, running Foley, getting the right Sound effects, cleaning up noise  on Dialog tracks, playing the piano, cutting music to film and being enthusiastic when a 1 frame nudge makes all the difference, mixing Orchestra pieces, mastering records….

A short bio: Arriving in NYC via Berlin and Salzburg I released several CDs on John Zorn’s label Tzadik and on GP music and was a guest on numerous recordings. I’ve received several composition grants and the music pieces were performed in Berlin, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Salzburg and Vienna (a.m.o.)

I sang Chinese Music as a member of the Chinese Hai-Tien choir with Mrs. Pi-Chu Hsiao for over seven years and recorded with Gary Lucas Chinese pop music of the 30’s and 50’s for label blue.

For Film I also work as a sound and music editor/assistant  and mixer with directors such as Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Abigail Child, Ethan Coen, Robert Duvall, Rob Marshall, Sophie Barthes, and Amie Siegel.

Discography, composing for film:

2003 High-life – directed by Lila Yomtoob (feature, full score)

2008 Hounddog – directed by Deborah Kampmeier (feature, full score)

2009 Turning Darkness Into Light: The Making of ‘Hounddog’  (doc), directed by Jon McCalum

2011 A good Friday – directed by Loui Terrier (short, full score)

2011 The Essex House – directed/ produced by Julia Mintz (commercial)

2012 California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown, by Sascha Rice (doc, 1 song)

2012 California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown by Sascha Rice (Trailer)

2012 A Thought is described, short experimental by Drew Pisarra and Molly Gross

2013 Winter, Sci-Fi short by Amie Siegel

…for CD

1995 Gisburg: No Stranger Not at All/ Tzadik

1996 Gisburg: Shadows in the Sea/ Tzadik

1997 NY Jazz Festival: The Jazz Voice/ Knitting Factory

1998 Gisburg: Trust/ Tzadik

2002 Art of the States: Compilation with Crumb, Babbitt / WGBH

2003 Douce: High Life/ GP Music


Contact Email:

Gisburg is only working on select projects, and cannot be reached directly.

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