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2017 New York Electronic Art Festival News

This Week at the New York Electronic Art Festival
Friday June 9th 2017 7 pm Meet the Artists Event. Katherine Liberovskaya talks about her new project “Espringale” within the context of NoizeBreeze, a 2014 installation, Andrew Demirjian with James Proctor exhibit Color Yourself, a generative artwork that creates unpredictable poetic phrases from Benjamin Moore’s paint color database and Cecilia Lopez talks about two recent works: RED (which is been developed at the Harvestworks EAR residency) and an untitled 3 channel video installation. @ Harvestworks. FREE.

Upcoming @ Harvestworks

June 16 – 18: Introducing the Sonic Planetarium by Heidi Neilson exhibition. Meet the artist event on Friday June 16th @ 7pm. Open to the public Saturday and Sunday 4 – 7 pm

What if we could hear into outer space from here on earth? Sonic Planetarium is an audio model of the stuff in earth’s orbit, in real time. Sound files representing individual satellites are played across a surround-sound speaker arrangement as the actual objects pass far overhead, as if we can hear up through the atmosphere and into earth’s orbit.
through the atmosphere and into earth’s orbit.

Friday June 22nd – 25th It’s Coming, a Storm, an installation by Kevin Roark Jr. about the Attention Economy.

It’s Coming, a Storm uses a projected virtual simulation to explore the relationship between the attention received by other people and our perception of their worth.

Island Electronics : Art and Technology Works by Contemporary Artists

A media exhibition on Governors Island Fri, Sat, Sun and Holiday Mondays thru July 23rd.
noon – 5 pm
Building 7a Nolan Park
Join us on Sat June 24th for an “Experience Lab” with Liz Phillips on distributing sound through objects 3 – 5 pm. FREE.

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