Harvestworks Newsletter 2017 New York Electronic Art Festival Week 5

This Week Thurs June 22nd @ 7 pm Meet The Artist Kevin Roark Jr. It’s Coming A Storm, a projected virtual simulation to explore the relationship between the attention received by other people and our perception of their worth. Open to the public Fri Sat and Sun noon – 5 pm @Harvestworks FREE

Sat June 24th 3 pm Experience Lab with Liz Phillips in Building 7a Nolan Park. A demo of how to record on Governors Island and pass sound through objects as natural filters (like bamboo and shells). Also check out Building 5a – Sanctuary City with artworks by David Linton, Jess Rowland, Sofy Yuditskaya and Melissa F. Clarke. @ Governors Island FREE


Upcoming June 29 @7 pm Dan Joseph & Andrea Williams – Guided By Sound , a new quadraphonic work @ Harvestworks
July 7-13 Imagining Tellus #28: Heard in LA – A speculative audiocassette: an archaeological artifact of the present. Not available through subscription or purchase, for educational use only. Curated and produced by Tom Leeser, media artist, educator, curator, and writer.


Island Electronics: an exhibition of art and technology works by contemporary artists

Sound Art, Augmented Reality, time-lapse Video and Vintage Electronics.
Fri, Sat, Sun and Holiday Mondays thru July 23rd
noon – 5 pm Building 7a Nolan Park
Join us on Sat July 1 for the Experience Lab by Max Kazemzadeh / Reza Safavi 3 – 5 pm. FREE

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