[Mar 1,7,14, 20] FingerRing Seminar NYC: CODA

FingerRing (FrR) – is the simplest and cheapest published way to play with electronically mediated multichannel sound. It is based on D.I.Y. technique of passing electricity through performer’s skin, replacing the matrix routing device with human body.  FrR-seminar – is a series of regular events, during which everyone is invited to work with the technique and evolve their own pieces and\or build their own interfaces.Conducted by Sergey Kasich.

March 2019 – is the last month for the seminar in NYC.

The regular participants will be finishing up pieces and preparing for the final recording session. But, anyone who is interested in the technique is welcomed to visit.

•       DATES AND TIMES:   

1, 7, 14, 20 of MARCH 2019 @ 7 pm

•       LOCATION: Harvestworks 596 Broadway Suite 602 NYC 10012 @ Houston Street. Subway: F/M/D/B Broadway/Lafayette, R Prince, 6 Bleecker

For past two years FrR has been presented all over the World, including: BRERA University art&technology dept (Milano, Italy), EXPO 2017 (Astana, Kazakhstan), Manege central Exhibition Hall (Spb, Russia), National University of Science & Technology MiSiS (Moscow, Russia), NYU Tandon (NY, US), NIME 2018 at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, US). Special presentation was held for Dr. Peter Zinovieff at his studio in Cambridge (UK) in 2017.

FrR received a critical acclaim from the NIME 2018 board and was included in main exhibition in form of installation. Publications about FrR technique were spread in non-academic sources on several European languages.

FrR-seminar – is a series of regular events, during which everyone is invited to work with the tehcnique and evolve their own pieces and\or build their own interfaces.

FrR – is free and open technology. All instructions are published online: http://soundartist.ru/sa-projects/fingerring/

” I very much appreciate the DIY aesthetic and the fact that you have published documentation on how users can build their own version of the interface.  The video demonstration is compelling.”

“I really appreciate the possibility for collaborative performative, community, and public engagement with this work. You have taken what is a very simple technical approach, and expanded upon it, explored it, and harnessed it in a very fun and engaging way!”

“This project kind of rejects the notion that you need expensive tools and fancy electronics to make interesting and engaging work.”

MATRIXSYNTH about the Brooklyn Seminar:https://www.matrixsynth.com/2018/11/fingerring.html

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