[May 11] Plastiglomerates Live by Jess Rowland

AI animated graphic scores will be presented and performed in support of the Plastiglomerates album release on Innova Records by Jess Rowland. Dan Gitlin, electronics and chapman stick, will join for this new project exploring the breaking of AI for visual music.

DATE: Saturday May 11, 2024

TIME: 3 pm DURATION: 30 minutes

LOCATION: Harvestworks Art and Technology Program Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

Plastiglomerates is a collection of music exploring the theme of plastic in life. “Plastiglomerate” is a recently coined term used to describe a new geological phenomenon – Plastics which have been cemented into organic rock through geological processes. These video scores extend this notion by creating AI plastiglomerates out of snack food brands, in a way to break both the AI algorithm and the plastic snacks.

•       BIOS

Jess Rowland is a NYC-based sound artist, musician, and composer. She is also an educator and advocate for weird sounds at The School of Visual Arts and Princeton University.

Dan Gitlin (he/him/they) is a Brooklyn based Chapman Stickist, guitarist, synthesist, and general noise making guy performing a combination of structured improvisation and composed music.


[Plastiglomerates is] Imbued with the sadness of observing a world on the brink of climate disaster, along with the strange beauty of how technologies shape our lives.”
        —  Clover Nahabedian, I Care If You Listen




Dan Gitlin


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