[May 14] WordPlay by Emma Camell

What does a word sound like? WordPlay is an interactive sound installation that lets you bring a word to life, existing and filling the space around you with a unique soundscape. Touch the letters to
create a word, any word at all. Does it sound as you expected? Try another.

Time:    May 14th 2018: 1 pm -7:30pm

596 Broadway Suite 602 New York NY 10012
Phone: 212-431-1130 Subway: F/M/D/B Broadway/Lafayette, R to Prince,
#6 to Bleecker


WordPlay is an interactive sound installation that expands and challenges the user’s understanding of the alphabet, of words, and how they are supposed to sound. It is named so because it is actually
playing words. With a board resembling a letter puzzle, the player touches the letters to form a word. A sound is triggered for each letter pressed, spatialized to envelop the player, and the resulting word is displayed on a screen. The sounds have been carefully created for each letter in Ableton using personal recordings, samples, and midi melodies and rhythms. Up to 50 sounds can be looping on top of each other. The longest word in the major English dictionaries, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, is 45 letters long so there is even some room to spare. This installation uses touch-sensing, Max programming, and IRCAM’s spatialization algorithms.

Artist Bio

Emma Camell is a young creative from Chicago, living in New
York. In May 2018 she finished a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Technology
at New York University, and is continuing to pursue a Master’s degree
in the same program. She is interested in making captivating sound
experiences, using technological skills to make things easier for
others, and working as sustainably as possible.

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