[May 9-10] Creative Tech Week 2018 Arts Hub

Creative Tech Week, held in New York City, is a crowdsourced festival created to bring together a talented professional community of expert creative technologists with the people interested in their work.

Over a 10-day period, New York City becomes a showcase for creative initiatives using cutting-edge technology as a medium. In dozens of venues around the city, hundreds of experts host panels, performances, exhibits and parties.

ARTS HUB: CODE DEPENDENT is a 2-day extravaganza of visual art exhibits and performances held at the DCTV Independent Media Arts Center located at 87 Lafayette Street @ White Street in Tribeca.

DATES AND TIMES: May 9 and May 10 2018

LOCATION: Tribeca Firehouse aka DCTV at 87 Lafayette St. 10013 @ White Street

Creative Tech Week Arts Hub
Wednesday May 9th 2018 Performances

Tickets  – Use our discount code: harvestworks

TIME:  5 – 7 pm

3DSO at St. Cornelius Chapel

Immersive Sound Works for the 3DSO – the 3D sound object by Paul Geluso. Compositions by Suzanne Thorpe, Lars Graugaard and others.

JAMNOPEANUT will perform Microphone Misdemeanor from his upcoming EP. The live performance will feature original music from the EP and a live demonstration of the AR/VR elements. In collaboration with Refuse Fascism, this interactive concert event immerses participants in the experience of protest, with the goal of getting organized to drive out the Trump/Pence regime. www.jamnopeanut.com

 TIME: 7 – 9:30 pm

Quadraphonic Algorave with Livecode.NYC
Come be immersed in generative dance rhythms in surround sound. This performance will showcase the latest work from members of artist collective Livecode.NYC featuring the next level sounds from Melody Loveless, Raven Edwards and  Scorpion Mouse (vocalist May Cheung, and livecoder Jason Levine). Scorpion Mouse will be presenting the results of Jason’s recent MIT Residency, an audiovisual system for interacting with machine learning representations of sound.

Thursday May 10th Performances

Tickets:  Use our discount code:  harvestworks

TIME: 9 pm – midnight

Casey Pearl

Casey Pearl, independent artist from London and the world’s first female crypto-artist will perform songs to draw the audience into her immersive persona. www.caseypearl.io

Performances by The SCARAB Experiment, the world’s first cryptocurrency as art and crypto-based artist collective.  www.thescarabexperiment.org

Jonathan Mann performs songs from Song A Day released on the blockchain.

Singer-songwriter Tatiana Moroz performs selections from Keep The Faith, her 3rd album released in 2017. www.tatianamoroz.com

DJ Skrilla and Inner Loop. 3 Producers/beat makers/deejays performing their crypto themed project SILK ROAD live. https://innerlooprecords.bandcamp.com/

Creative Tech Week

Over the past three years, Creative Tech Week has grown into an international festival bringing together the interdisciplinary developers, designers, executives and artists in the creative technology field from across a diversity of industries. We provide a platform for thousands of experts to gather, learn, recruit, discover, and showcase their most advanced work.

Website: ctw.nyc Media Contact: Isabel Draves, isabel@draves.org


Leaders in Software and Art (LISA), founded in 2009, brings together cutting-edge software and electronic artists, curators, collectors, and coders to share their work. LISA holds exclusive monthly salons across NYC featuring presentations by artists who work with technology; curates digital art for interested parties; and partners with museums and art fairs to showcase the work of past speakers. Over 200 past LISA speakers are featured in the artist portfolio.


Founded in 1977, Harvestworks’ mission is to support contemporary artists in the creation of art works achieved through new and evolving technologies. Innovative use of new technology helps acclimate people to change, allows for the absorption of new ideas, and enriches the space of imagination in our culture. Our programs record the artists’ impact on the ways technology can be integrated into artistic practice through residencies and presentations of the highest quality work across the arts and technology spectrum to the public. 1977-2017 – 40 Years!

Website: www.harvestworks.org Media Contact: Carol Parkinson, carolp@harvestworks.org

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