[May 8 – Oct 31] The Workings of Media [Art and Artists]

The Workings of Media [Art and Artists] is a series of presentations, workshops, open studios and exhibitions to understand social and cultural changes reflected through the lens of art and artists.  Curator and director Carol Parkinson has selected these artists because of their use of the new media technology including data sonification and visualization, immersive sound, smell and social networks.  The Art and Technology program is a component of our Creative Residency and Sponsored Projects programs and seeks to create a responsive public context for the appreciation of new work and to advance the art’s community and the public’s appreciation of the use of technology in art.

Opening May 8, 2021

Closing October 31, 2021

Ticketed Entrance. Maximum occupancy: 15 people.

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There are 3 appointment time windows available per day and each window can take 10 appointments. Each appointment is two hours and you can arrive anytime within the appointment time. Time Windows are 11 am to 1 pm, 1 pm to 3 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm. If there is no appointment, viewers will be allowed to enter on a first come, first serve basis.

Poster for The Workings of Media [Art and Artists]

The series begins on May 8, 2021 with an exhibition that includes the following artists until the closing on August 8, 2021.

Dafna Naphtali: AUDIO CHANDELIER: POLYÉLAIOS , a multi-channel audio speaker sculpture created in collaboration with metalsmith/designer Ayala Naphtali.

Jakob Dwight: Autonomous Prism | Solarwind Over Sorrow, two lightboxes exploring cinematographic and illuminated abstraction through LED screens and N’CHI,  a sci-fi world-building app and micronation generator for mobile smartphone.

Valérie Hallier: Scream Now, an open-air public screaming booth that takes the fundamental  yet repressed human expression, the scream,  to generate visual art. An RSVP to screamnow44@gmail.com is required to participate.

Charlotte Mundy: Light as a Feather, an immersive sound, light and scent installation inspired by the healing, psychedelic visions of medieval abbess Hildegard of Bingen and the visionary 1949 film The Wizard of OZ.

Andrew Demirjian: Recalibrating, Extrapolating new research in Machine Learning, this sound and visual installation of speculative fiction explores the notions of artificial curiosity and machine self-actualization through the lens of non-human consciousness, languages of communication and the poetry of interfaces.

Joseph Morris: Scintillator uses computer-controlled electromagnets to turn inverted wine glasses into sonic resonators, similar to the vibrations created when you rub your finger along the rim of a glass.  However, in this work, the sonic composition is activated by an embedded cosmic ray muon detector. Scintillator illuminates and sonifies these events as they pass through the space in this room. 

Sergey Kasich: fFlower-room (a room with the FingerRing interface) has an 8-channel sound system and a FrR-interface (a.k.a. fFlower). Everyone is welcomed to come and play with the interface and explore its possibilities.

PLAN YOUR VISIT: capacity at 15 persons

1.   Make a reservation with the ticket button

2.   Arrive at any time within your allotted time window

3.   Upon arrival, check in at the front porch

4.  Enjoy your visit

Harvestworks Art and Technology Center’s exhibition The Workings of Media [Art and Artists] will be open to the public at a limited capacity. In order to accommodate your visit and ensure the safety of all visitors, we kindly ask that you make a reservation in advance by using our Ticket Button.

Exhibition regular hours are Saturday and Sunday, 11 am – 5 pm (closed weekdays). If a chosen time slot is noted as sold out or no longer available, please choose another time slot or an alternate date.

Reservations are valid for the selected date and time slot only. You may arrive at any time within the allotted time you reserve. There is a limit of six (6) tickets per order, but please contact us directly if you’d like to make a reservation for a large group. 

By making a reservation, you acknowledge that you will wear a face mask for the duration of your visit, and will cancel your reservation should you feel ill or are experiencing any known symptoms common to the COVID-19 virus.

Thank you for your cooperation and for your help in making the Harvestworks exhibition a safe environment for everyone. Should you have questions or require assistance, please call 212-431-1130 or email us at harvestworks@gmail.com

There are performances and artists talks throughout the exhibition.  Check our website for updates and to reserve tickets.

In September, we continue our programming with another set of contemporary media artworks, artists talks and workshops with: 

Katherine Bennett:  Luciferins, an interactive environment of hanging fiber structures that monitor and visualize  network traffic. 

Michael Schumacher: The Diapason Gallery Archive and Listening Room. Founded (as Studio Five Beekman) in 1996,  Diapason presented over 100 exhibitions at a time when sound art was emerging as a distinct practice in the United States.

Dan Joseph:  Informed by early minimalism, acoustic ecology, deep listening and ambient music, Periodicity Piece #10 will combine a diverse collection of sounds into a slowly changing sonic ecosystem. A Harvestworks Commission for our  Immersive Room on Governors Island.

George Moraitis: “Apparatus” is a site-specific installation consists of a set of tuned metal plates that are placed on the walls, floor and ceiling.

Jocelyn Ho:  An installation and performance series of compositions for Women’s Labor, a feminist project that uses embedded technologies to transform old domestic tools into new musical instruments, to address gender inequality in domestic labor division and challenge persistent gendered social norms.  

Matthew Goodheart:  but in things, an immersive sound installation of sonic  instruments, found objects to be listened to with bone-conducting headphones (COVID restrictions will apply). 

Mike Bullock:  The Wave Field Synthesis system that places virtual sound sources in real space using anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of small speakers in a linear array.  Mike will invite composers and artists to lexplore the system.

Artist talks and performance will be scheduled throughout the summer.  

About the Harvestworks Art and Technology Program on Governors Island

The Art and Technology Program on Governors Island is centered on art works created at the intersection of art and technology. It includes artists open studios, exhibitions of digital media art, public workshops and performances in our educational research facility in Nolan Park.  Our goal is to provide exhibition opportunities to electronic media artists and also to educate the public about how artists use new and emerging technology for artistic expression.

Founded as a not-for-profit organization by artists in 1977, Harvestworks’ mission is to support the creation and presentation of art works achieved through the use of new and evolving technologies. We create an environment where artists can make work inspired and achieved by electronic media; provide a public context for the appreciation of new art; and bring together innovative practitioners from all branches of the arts collaborating in the use of electronic media. We assist with commissions and residencies, production services, education and information programs, and the presentation and distribution of their work.

Funded by mediaThefoundation Inc., the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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