[May 8 – Aug 8] The Workings of Media [Art and Artists] Spring 2021

The Workings of Media [Art and Artists] is a series of presentations, workshops, open studios and exhibitions to understand social and cultural changes reflected through the lens of art and artists.  Curator and director Carol Parkinson has selected these artists because of their use of the new media technology including data sonification and visualization, immersive sound, smell and social networks.  The Art and Technology program is a component of our Creative Residency and Sponsored Projects programs and seeks to create a responsive public context for the appreciation of new work and to advance the art’s community and the public’s appreciation of the use of technology in art.

The series began on May 8, 2021 with an exhibition that includes the following artists until the closing on August 8, 2021.

View the Exhibition Catalog here

Watch excerpts from performances here

Dafna Naphtali: AUDIO CHANDELIER: POLYÉLAIOS , a multi-channel audio speaker sculpture created in collaboration with metalsmith/designer Ayala Naphtali.

Jakob Dwight: Autonomous Prism | Solarwind Over Sorrow, two lightboxes exploring cinematographic and illuminated abstraction through LED screens and N’CHI,  a sci-fi world-building app and micronation generator for mobile smartphone.

Valérie Hallier: Scream Now, an open-air public screaming booth that takes the fundamental  yet repressed human expression, the scream,  to generate visual art. An RSVP to screamnow44@gmail.com is required to participate.

Charlotte Mundy: Light as a Feather, an immersive sound, light and scent installation inspired by the healing, psychedelic visions of medieval abbess Hildegard of Bingen and the visionary 1949 film The Wizard of OZ.

Andrew Demirjian: Recalibrating, Extrapolating new research in Machine Learning, this sound and visual installation of speculative fiction explores the notions of artificial curiosity and machine self-actualization through the lens of non-human consciousness, languages of communication and the poetry of interfaces. Artist Talk: July 23, 2021

Joseph Morris: Scintillator uses computer-controlled electromagnets to turn inverted wine glasses into sonic resonators, similar to the vibrations created when you rub your finger along the rim of a glass.  However, in this work, the sonic composition is activated by an embedded cosmic ray muon detector. Scintillator illuminates and sonifies these events as they pass through the space in this room. 

Sergey Kasich: fFlower-room (a room with the FingerRing interface) has an 8-channel sound system and a FrR-interface (a.k.a. fFlower). Everyone is welcomed to come and play with the interface and explore its possibilities.


Mari Kimura: MUGIC Magic. A demonstration of the Violin with motion sensor designed for musicians, performers, dancers and beyond followed by a performance of her composition Rossby Waving inspired by climate change.

Viv Corringham and Amanda Gutierrez: Walking in Azcapotalco, a live duo performance containing 360 video, field recordings, voice and electronic voice processing.

Nick Hwang, Eric Sheffield and Anthony T. Marasco: Collab-Hub, a tool for interconnected audiovisual performance and installations. A workshop followed by a performance by the participants that is documented on the Harvestworks YouTube channel.

Surabhi Saraf and Dorothy Santos: Body in Transit. Made during the 2016 US election as countless individuals grappled with the imposed immigration ban, Body in Transit explores the anxiety and disorientation of displacement through transit and forced migration. Online on Harvestworks YouTube channel.

  • Harvestworks programs are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

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