Melody Loveless [Max Programmer and Instructor]

Photo by Emi Spicer

Melody Loveless is an artist, musician, performer and educator who works with creative and interactive technologies. Her expertise includes teaching first-time users and programmers, consulting other educators on curriculum, and showing artists how to incorporate Max into their practice to create interdisciplinary projects. She believes in technology’s potential to empower others to create art and enjoys sharing techniques and ideas with others. As an artist and performer, Melody Loveless uses Max alongside a variety of other technologies and tools. Her work ranges from generative sound installations, live coding performance, multisensory performance, interactive installations, long duration performance art, multichannel sound, and more. As an educator, she has extensive experience teaching people of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities. She has taught creative technologies and programming languages at various institutions and organizations, including New York University, Harvestworks, the New School, and Hunter College. She is part of Cycling 74’s Max Certified Trainer Program.

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