Newsletter November 3

Your Weekend!

Nov 5 – Nov 12 2016: DiMoDA 2.0: Morphé Presence

DiMoDA 2 TheoTrian

Theo Trian photo from the Digital Museum of Digital Art

The Digital Museum of Digital Art will present it’s second exhibition Morphé Presence at Harvestworks. Meet the Artists Saturday Nov. 5th 4 – 7 pm

The Choice is Yours by R. Luke DuBois

Tuesday Nov 8th is Election Day

The Choice is Yours by R. Luke DuBois @ bitforms

Citizens, exercise your right to vote your future!

Paul and Dan MasteringCrop

Studio News

Studio Director Paul Geluso and Composer Dan Joseph

Dan Joseph: Electroacoustic Works on XI Records. Dan working with Paul Geluso to master the upcoming double CD.


Mari Kimura, Boyd Matthews and Rich Abbott

Mari Kimura at Bell Labs with her ugic (mu-zhik) violin interface. A Harvestworks Creativity + Technology = Enterprise Project

Upcoming Events

Thursday Nov. 10 @ 7 pm Samson Young talks about his work in the CTRL+ALT, A culture Lab on Imagined Futures exhibition 477 Broadway (the former Pearl River Mart) on Veterans Day Weekend.

Friday Nov. 18 The 5th International Pure Data Convention. Installations at Harvestworks from noon to 6 pm.
Waves by Popesz Csaba Láng and Elwira Wojtunik (Poland) and
Sunlight Synth by Warren Enström (USA)

Saturday – Sunday Oct 19 – 20 Filmette Festival, a new festival celebrating films that run between 30 and 60 minutes in length.

IMG 3227

John D.S. Adams in the TEAM lab preparing for the Toneburst [Untitled] performance

Thanks to our new Friends for coming out for the Toneburst Maps and Fragments Event!

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