[Nov 7] HWxHausmusik with Maharadja Sweets

HWxHAUSMUSIK is a series of live performances featuring musicians and visual artists that cultivates new works and ideas in an intimate space.

The main focus is bringing together the community of emerging performers and modern listeners.  This new series features our immersive audio and visual studio as a space where performances that cultivate new works and ideas are performed live by emerging artists from the community (both musicians and visual artists). Harvestworks Hausmusik is geared towards the concept generated in the mid-19th century that celebrates musical performances in the home or smaller space setting, where composers provide an insight into their newest works.

November 7th 2019 – TIme: 8:00 pm. FREE

Location: Harvestworks 596 Broadway Suite 602, NY NY 10012 @ Houston Street Manhattan.

Maharadja Sweets is a recording artist with albums on various labels including Orange Milk, Oxtail, Moss Archive, Anonymous Dog, and Handsome Duck.  

Two years ago, Sweets was introduced to the cigar box guitar world – whose DIY culture emphasizes design experimentation.  Sweets has been continually amazed at how accessible the creation of viable, legitimate instruments can be with cheap materials – and the fascinating sound experiments one can conduct with them.

On November 7, Sweets will show-and-tell his home-made instruments and perform on them and talk about his process..

This discovery of homemade string instruments has sparked a new musical direction for Sweets – in which he is seeking to gain more of a direct connection to the joy music can provide by focusing more on live musicianship than he has in the past.  Sweets is fascinated with the access (especially when in open tuning drone mode) these instruments provide to folk and classical forms from around the world.  As such, he has been working on developing fluidity to take advantage of the expressiveness of slides and microtones available to playing  on a fretless keyboard, and exploring how mods and hacks to his instruments affect their sound.

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  • Maharadja Sweets is a recording artist with albums out on various labels including Orange Milk, Oxtail, Moss Archive, Anonymous Dog, and Handsome Duck.   He is often noted for heading in very different and surprising directions for each release but a common underlying essence may be detected across his recorded work.Included in his ouvre is an inner space/outer space trilogy of cassettes, a series of albums dedicated to electric Appalachia, and a couple of albums exploring the possibilities inherent in cheap technology (Korg Monotron, Casio SK-5 sampler).  Some of his albums are all instrumental, some are all spoken word, some are highly experimental, and some are traditional singer/songwriter.  But underneath it all is a dedication to digging as deeply as possible for meaning and beauty. 
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