[Oct 1] NYU IRCAM Performance by Hanae Azuma

Harvestworks is please to participate in the 2022  IRCAM -NYU Forum. The Fall 2022 IRCAM Forum will be held at New York University (NYU) and hosted by the NYU Music Technology and Music Theory & Composition programs from September 30 to October 3, 2022.

This event will show new compositions created during the Harvestworks Workspace Residency program by Hanae Azuma. The works are for Taiko (a Japanese drum) and computer with four channel speakers.

Saturday October 1, 2022 @ 3:30pm

Harvestworks Art and Technology Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

Artist Statement

This performance will feature a brand new work for two Japanese drums, – Taiko and Shime-daiko – and computer with four channel speakers. The work contains sounds that I recorded during my residency program in NYC. During the performance, I will also improvise on the Taiko, which will be an experimental experience for myself! As the concert is outdoors, it’s a great opportunity to consider how the sounds from the multichannel speakers affect people, and how the sounds of the environment affect the perception of the work. I will also present two other works: “Watercolor Painting” and “Where Am I in the Universe”, which were originally written for 16 channel speakers, but re-worked to four for this event.

HANAE AZUMA is a composer from Tokyo, Japan, and completed both her BM and MM at Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment. During her studies in Japan, she mainly concentrated on the relationship between music and other visual/performing arts, such as dance and film, and has been collaborating with contemporary dancers on a variety of projects as a composer. She also completed her MM in music technology at New York University in 2014. Hanae’s recent interest is spacial sound, and she has been busy creating works for multichannel surround sound. Her works have been presented at music festivals and concerts in the United States, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. She is currently an academic fellow at Acoustic Lab, Tokyo University of the Arts.

YOKO NAKAHASHI (Taiko: Japanese drum)

Known by her buddhist name, Laiyo, Yoko Nakahashi is an ASCAP award winning contemporary composer; taiko artist and certified Osuwa Daiko instructor. She has composed and performed at a variety of events and occasions, and performs and teaches internationally as a taiko drummer. Yoko has featured on WPIX, NY1 News, and Fox5, among others, and has performed at venues such as The Shed, UN, Bowery Ballroom and The Little Island. Yoko was a workshop leader at the 2017 and 2019 North American Taiko Conference, and at the 2020 East Coast Taiko Conference. She builds taikos to support collegiate and emerging taiko groups in the need of drums and necessary equipment.

About the IRCAM-NYU Workspace Residencies

The IRCAM-NYU artist residency program at Harvestworks is a one month opportunity during which, up to four artists, will finish their proposed work in September 2022. The artworks fall within the scope of “interaction and sound design” focusing on one or more of the following topics: composer/performer/computer interaction, improvisation, and collaboration; sonification and generative sound exploration; soundscape [re]sonification, interaction, sensing and sensor networks; and educational tools in interaction and sound design. Artists are given a workspace residency table at Harvestworks for the one-month duration of the residency.

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