[Oct 2] IRCAM NYU Performance – Echolocation I by Kamari Carter

Harvestworks is please to participate in the 2022  IRCAM -NYU Forum. The Fall 2022 IRCAM Forum will be held at New York University (NYU) and hosted by the NYU Music Technology and Music Theory & Composition programs from September 30 to October 3, 2022.

At Harvestworks, Peter Traver, Kamari CarterHanae Azuma and Trevor Van de Velde received Workspace Residencies and show their work during the Forum.

This new composition/performance by Kamari Carter is an immersive city soundscape mixing real-time live Police and EMS audio with that of The Conet Project, a collection of over 130 Shortwave Number Station Recordings curated into a comprehensive five disk compilation by British record label Iridal-Discs..

Sunday October 2, 2022 – Harvestworks Art and Technology Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

Time: 1 pm. FREE and open to the public.

This presentation is part of the NYU IRCAM Forum 2022

During the performance the artist will reroute the EMS and Police broadcast signals of New York City nearest Governors Island and playfully manipulate the ethereal nature of both the live and pre-recorded radio signals from the Conet Project, amplifying two separate sets of opaque transmissions. The Conet Project shortwave recordings are an amalgamation of radio transmissions, train station lullabies, lo-fi radio interviews, instructions, and static infused counting exercises. Unlike other pirate shortwave broadcasts, these eerie transmissions would alternate for years without any pause scheduled at seemingly random times throughout the years, leading many to believe that these broadcasts were a government operate espionage system, used to contact central intelligence agencies.

Kamari Carter – Biography

Kamari Carter (b. 1992) is a sound designer, and installation artist primarily working with sound and found objects. Carter’s practice circumvents materiality and familiarity through a variety of recording and amplification techniques to investigate notions such as space, systems of identity, oppression, control, and surveillance. Driven by the probative nature of perception and the concept of conversation and social science, he seeks to expand to narrative structures through sonic stillness. Carter’s work has been exhibited at such venues as Automata Arts, MoMA, Mama Contemporary, RISD Museum, Microscope Gallery, Lenfest Center for the Arts, WaveHill and has been featured in a range of major publications including ArtNet, Precog Magazine, LevelGround and WhiteWall. Carter holds a BFA in Music Technology from California Institute of the Arts and an MFA in Sound Art from Columbia University.

“I tend to do a good job of avoiding sentiment in my research, desensitizing myself”

“I didn’t want anyone to come in and leave thinking the exact same way as myself, I still wanted their own anecdotal context to be brought to all the works”

“Take what you will, but please take something”

Find Kamari on instagram

About the IRCAM-NYU Workspace Residencies

The IRCAM-NYU artist residency program at Harvestworks is a one month opportunity during which, up to four artists, will finish their proposed work in September 2022. The artworks fall within the scope of “interaction and sound design” focusing on one or more of the following topics: composer/performer/computer interaction, improvisation, and collaboration; sonification and generative sound exploration; soundscape [re]sonification, interaction, sensing and sensor networks; and educational tools in interaction and sound design. Artists are given a workspace residency table at Harvestworks for the one-month duration of the residency.

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