[Oct 20 – Oct 29] Karkinos By Marta Grasso and Kevin Ramsay

Karkinos, is a sound installation that encompasses eleven terracotta sculptures, six exciters, and six solenoids. In this immersive project, the sculptures are brought to life by the exciters and solenoids are employed to produce rhythmic tapping sounds reminiscent of an MRI machine. Karkinos aims to confront our fears head-on and catalyze emotional release, blurring the boundaries between art, technology, and scientific inquiry..

Location: Harvestworks Art and Technology Program Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

Open October 20 through October 29 2023, @ 11:00 – 5:00 pm


Open to the public Fri, Sat, and Sun @ 11:00 – 5:00 pm

Derived from the ancient Greek word for cancer, Karkinos symbolizes the early understanding and perception of this formidable disease. The sculptures, meticulously crafted in terracotta, embody the physical manifestation of cancer cells. Their intricate details and organic forms aim to evoke a simultaneous sense of fascination and unease within viewers.

The sculptures are brought to life through the integration of exciters, which emit subtle and haunting sounds. These sounds, carefully designed and curated, represent the inner turmoil and hidden fears associated with cancer. As viewers explore the space, the auditory elements heighten their engagement, evoking a visceral response that mirrors the unsettling emotions tied to the subject matter.

To further immerse visitors into the realm of cancer investigation, solenoids are employed to produce rhythmic tapping sounds, reminiscent of an MRI machine. This auditory layer serves as a metaphorical representation of the search for hope and healing, acting as a tool for exploration and discovery. The repetitive tapping resonates throughout the space, creating an atmospheric soundscape that invites introspection and contemplation.

Through this unique amalgamation of sculpture and sound, Karkinos transcends traditional artistic boundaries, bridging the gap between art and science. It serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative potential of knowledge, enabling us to face our fears and reclaim our agency in the face of adversity.


Marta Grasso and Kevin Ramsay are multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. Marta Grasso’s approach, both anthropological and analytical, investigates, documents and catalogues the personal and collective identities of specific territories and artifacts. Her work creates new spaces of dialogue through communal reflection that becomes the birthplace of new shared imaginaries. The artist’s practice encompasses personal autobiographical experiences and collective shared narratives; ranging between collage, performance, sculpture, photography and video.

Kevin Ramsay work is focuses primarily on theoretical, practical aspects of sound recording/reproduction with unpredictable pairings of acoustic and electronic instruments. Kevin’s current works explore new ways to capture, mix, and process immersive audio for playback, on multichannel sound systems.


https://www.martagrasso.com/ https://www.instagram.com/marta_grasso__/ https://www.kevinramsaysound.com/ https://www.instagram.com/waynefaure2/

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