[May 9] Piss Kills Mold – JImmy Joe Roche, Heejin Jang, Will Schorre

Harvestworks will host an evening of solo electronic music performances with three multidisciplinary artists. Piss Kills Mold AKA Jimmy Joe Roche plays modular synthesizer, contact microphones and voice.  Heejin Jang plays MaxMSP instruments and manipulated samples.  Will Schorre will perform homemade electronics intermingled with puredata.

Monday May 9, 2016  7 pm

Harvestworks 596 Broadway #602 New York NY 10012
Phone: 212-431-1130 Subway: F/M/D/B Broadway/Lafayette, R to Prince, #6 to Bleecker

Piss Kills Mold Piss Kills Mold is Jimmy Joe Roche’s solo audio project. Roche is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses video, sculpture, and performance. Screenings of his work include the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, J. Paul Getty Museum, Rojo@Nova and Museum of the Moving Image. Roche has had five solo exhibitions in New York, Texas, and Colorado. His artwork is in the permanent collection at the Baltimore Museum of Art where he participated in a two-­person exhibit with fellow artist Nathaniel Mellors. Roche has created commissioned work for Adult Swim, Dazed and Confused Magazine, Incubate Arts Festival and Harvestworks. Numerous publications have featured his work including The New Museum’s “Younger Than Jesus” Artist Directory. He is a member of the High Zero collective and a collaborator with the arts group Whamcity and electronic musician Dan Deacon.

heejin_jang_performance-1  will

Heejin Jang

My work manifests itself in the forms of interactive performances, and video installation that include sound objects. The decay of audiovisual geographies dismantles the narrative of sound and image. In the performances, the interaction between machines and I turns into a ritual that attacks the flow of time and space. Excessive amounts of glitches, delays and reversed audio and video generate a sensory overload by forcing all these elements to collide and clash. The mass of visual imagery and soundscapes intertwines the time and space into chaos, bailing out of all the possibility of interpretations. The process of self-cancellation breaks down the common nature of time embedded in the sonic and visual experiences that we negotiate between our senses and reality. By reediting and overlaying language, pop-culture phenomenon, fandom and issues of propaganda, I remix the moment that when the act of looking, googling, youtubing, and consuming certain audiovisual culture turns into a political positioning.

Will Schorre

Will Schorre is an artist and instrument builder who earned a BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2015. Will lives and works in Baltimore, MD designing and playing electronic instruments. Recent works include a computer controlled tape machine and analog synthesizer devices for live performance.

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