[Sat Feb. 19] TIP Master Class with LadyK from LadyK Studios

LadyK will discuss her musings regarding how the digital experience is rewiring us, while discussing her interactive works, which use the mediums of code, electronics, fibers and sound, and current body of work – The Masquerades of The Soft Machines.

•       DATES AND TIMES:   Saturday February 19, 2022  from 1 – 3 pm on zoom.

LadyK will focus on the intensive and iterative development process of creating interactive installations. She’ll address various issues that arose during the making of her latest piece – Luciferins – which utilized Processing, Max/MSP, WireShark, MadMapper and Unix scripts to create a 7-channel audio + graphic  + fiber work triggered by viewer movements. LadyK will discuss the importance of full scale integration testing versus unit testing, most especially with regard to Max/MSP. She’ll also discuss, “embracing the bug” and shifting one’s perspective as seeing bumps as blessings, instead of curses, as they all move us further along in the vital development of our creative practice.


As a new media, fiber, and installation artist, LadyK’s practice encompasses interactive and responsive systems exploring how our collective digital experiences are shaping our future. She merges ancient fiber traditions with programming and physical computing to create nervous systems for her handcrafted soft fiber structures. Liminal spaces brought forth by digital technologies fascinate her, as LadyK explores the cultural transformations that result. Her latest environments investigate how communication technologies are shaping our identity, pushing a tighter integration with the machine.


IG: LadyKStudios

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