[Sept 1 – Oct 21] The Plural of Abyss by Ryan Soper

New artworks at the Artworks and Experiences exhibition on Governors Island will include this  3 channel animated video installation exploring the catastrophic and dystopic through a lens of an imagined future or a forgotten past. Sci-fi tropes of utopia and dystopia are fragmented through broken narratives, rearranged, distilled, warped, layered back on themselves,estranged from the cliche origin. The visual material is prepared in much the same way an audio sampler constructs loops. The Plural of Abyss takes as it’s starting point the idea of the single splice or grain of media being extended or shortened to produce different variable outcomes through repeated viewing. In this specific iteration of the work the visual grains are looped across 3 screens and the live variable has been removed, and the media is sync’d to a synthesized sonic track.  ryansoper.com

Sep 1 – Oct 21, 2018; Fri, Sat, Sun. and Holiday Mondays noon – 5 pm

Governors Island
Nolan Park
Building 8a


Ryan Soper is a Sculptor, Video artist, and Modular synthesist. One half of the NYC-based performance project Non-Native. Member of Fox/Soper Duo, Muscular and Brat Pit.


Thanks to ApexArt for their equipment loan for this exhibition.
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