[Sept 1 – 2] Material Expressions by Laura Splan

2018 Workspace Resident Laura Splan will present new work in progress at the Harvestworks TEAM Lab Artworks and Experiences Exhibition on Governors Island. Material Expressions incorporates moving sculpture and sound triggered by biosensors monitoring the artist’s heart rate as she knits. The project is part of a series of performances that explores the potential for objects to embody corporeal experience and to materialize the unseen machinations of the human body.

LOCATION: Governors Island, Nolan Park Building 8a

DATES AND TIMES: September 1 – 2, 2018

Sat. Sun  noon – 5 pm

Governors Island New York Ferry Schedule

Laura Splan’s work explores intersections of art, science, technology and craft. Her conceptually based projects examine the material manifestations of our mutable relationship with the human body. She reconsiders perceptions and representations of the corporeal with a range of traditional and new media techniques. She often combines the quotidian with the unfamiliar to interrogate culturally constructed notions of order and disorder, function and dysfunction. Her frequent combinations of textiles with technology challenge values of “the hand” in creative production and question notions of agency and chance in aesthetics. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.




 “…In Splan’s works, coded data captured from bodily actions… is transformed into hypnotic rhythmic patterns and re-coded as sensory input. Aesthetically pleasurable and quantifiable, Splan deftly weaves scientific findings into visually stimulating artworks…”

~ Audra Lambert, Arte Fuse

“…The exigent urgency of Laura Splan’s conceptual work always feels one step ahead of us, much the way technology, which she employs to execute and symbolically illuminate her concepts, exists long before it is grasped by the masses…”

~ Elizabeth Lopeman, Surface Design Journal

“…Laura Splan presents the human-scaled, handmade, and the physical body through poetic mediation, reminding us of the inescapable material body…”

~Cassandra Huerta, Daily Voice







#FiftyQuestions with Laura Splan

Interview Questions by Quintan Ana Wikswo



Raw Material: In Conversation with Curator Angela McQuillan with Artists Laura Splan and Gail Wight

Speak Speak, Grizzly Grizzly Gallery Blog, 


Raw Material: A Conversation Led by Curator Angela McQuillan with Artists Laura Splan and Gail Wight

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