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Environmental Noise Pollution Awareness Data-Driven Art-Driven, Community Driven

September 20 – 25th 2016
Tues. Sept 20 @ 7 pm Meet The Artists @ Harvestworks
Installations by Suzanne Thorpe, Steve Wanna, Dafna Naphtali, Hugues Clement, Art Jones and Matthew Ostrowski. At 8 pm experience Dafna’s sound art walk while we walk to NYU Steinhardt to see Matthew Ostrowski’s work. A couple of highlights below-

IMG 3091

Matthew Ostrowski at Harvestworks

Matthew Ostrowski
Spectral City @ NoiseGate
Every city has a chord resonating through it, below our range of hearing. It is the combination of the city’s acoustic signature and life reverberating through architecture. This installation is an exploration of those chords, an attempt to extract the resonances, the pitches that remain, but are usually drowned out by overall levels of noise and activity. NYU Steinhardt 35 West 4th Street, New York, NY 6th Floor


Paul Geluso preparing for Phloq by Suzanne Thorpe

Suzanne Thorpe
Phloq is a fixed media sound piece, written to be performed on a 3D/6 channel speaker system designed by Paul Geluso, The piece conjures the sensation of birds taking flight to inspire an exploration of innate, linked movement among bird life. The piece also references manmade migration and flocking behaviors, which causes its own patterns of interference/noise. @Harvestworks



Wed Sept 28 – Sun Oct 2@ Harvestworks FREE Lisa Joy an exhibition and performance by Benton C Bainbridge presented by Harvestworks and MovingPictures.GalleryLisaJoyV-1024x768

Schumacher portrait PM-CSS Nissan Jacobs-1

Michael Schumacher photo by Nisi Jacobs

Sun Oct 9 @ Harvestworks 2 – 8 pm FREE
The Portable Multi-Channel Sound System by Michael Schumacher. Presentations are part performance, part installation, with Schumacher improvising and responding to room acoustics, random sonic events, as well as the algorithms running the computer. Presentations at 5 pm, 6pm and 7 pm


New Video


Martha Mooke ät National Sawdust 2016

Dreaming in Sound by Martha Mooke
An Experiential Performance

Dreaming in Sound is an immersive large scale work for electric viola and electronic processing with interactive video (created by pioneering software artist Scott Draves). Pioneering composer/electro-acoustic violist Martha Mooke is a leading Yamaha and Eventide Artist/clinician in demand as performer, composer and educator. Supported in part by the Harvestworks Artist in Residence Program. This event was presented in collaboration with the Agosto Foundation, Prague, Czech Republic. Recorded at National Sawdust May 5, 2016

Studio News

IMG 3074

Studio A Mix to Tape or Digitize your Analogs! Our analog tape decks are ready for action – Tascam 38, Tascam 3030 2-trk and Studer A-80 1/2″ 2-trk. Contact Carol for more info and to book the studio.

Harvestworks’ Sound for Film Engineer Ginsburg recently completed film soundtracks for The Sound of ILL Days by Rojo Robles andIphigenia- Book of Change produced by Elise Kermani of Mishinnah Productions. Look for the new Filmette Festival, a production of Ginsburg and her team.


Special Music Feature

From our Archive Eenie Meenie Chillie Beenie by Paul DeMarinis. Released on TELLUS #9 Music With Memory


And More

Acoustic Infrastructures, is wrapping up in NYC on Saturday Sept 24 … Jamie Allen and friends have a discussion event at Eyebeam on Saturday late-afternoon.

Culture Hub opening this Friday. Check it out!


IMG 3034

For Harvestworks

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If you shop with Amazon, consider donating to Harvestworks while shopping. Simply follow this link; once you make your purchase Amazon will make a donation to Harvestworks! This is a great program and we encourage you to participate.

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