[Sept 22] dailybell Fall Equinox Sunset Celebration with Brenda Hutchinson

Join Harvestworks and Brenda Hutchinson’s dailybell project in a public celebration of the Fall
Equinox on Governor’s Island at sunset on September 22, 2018. Sunset is at 6:55 PM and coincides
with the last Ferry to leave Governor’s Island at 7:00 PM. Walking to the Ferry? Waiting in line?
Boarding the boat? Celebrate the moment together by ringing the sun down with bells. Bring your
own if you have them. We will have some on hand to share if you don’t.

Artworks and Experiences Exhibition

Governors Island, Nolan Park Building 8a

Date: Saturday, Sept 22, 2018

Time: 5-7pm

Location: Governor’s Island. Parade route from The TEAM Lab building to the Ferry.

Governors Island New York Ferry Schedule

The dailybell project is based on the premise that the rotation of the Earth is an inarguable fact
and the sunrise and sunset, opportunities for everyone to remember and celebrate our affinity
with one another and the natural world. Now an international community, the project began on
New Year’s Eve 2007 with a commitment to the daily observation of the sunrise and sunset and to
spreading the awareness of our global connection by ringing bells, alone or with others, on those


Sunset bell ringing at Starbucks in San Francisco.


Hutchinson_dailybell(Twin Peaks)_©2008Hutchinson

Sunset bell ringing on top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco

Artist Bio:
Brenda Hutchinson is a composer and sound artist whose work is based on the cultivation and
encouragement of openness in her own life and in those she works with. Through her work with
large-scale experiments in socially based improvisations and interactions, Brenda has developed a
body of work based on a perspective about interacting with the public and non-artists through
personal, reciprocal engagement with listening and sounding. She continues to explore and share
with others the conceptual, aesthetic and relational possibilities that arise from this type of
Brenda is the recipient of the Gracie Allen Award from American Women in Radio and Television
and has received support from the National Endowment for the Arts, Lila Wallace, McKnight
Foundation, NY State Council on the Arts and Meet the Composer among others. Recordings of her work are available through TELLUS, Deep Listening, O.O. DISCS, Frog Peak Music and Leonardo Music Magazine. She has been an artist in residence at San Quentin Prison, Headlands Center for the Arts, Harvestworks, Exploratorium, Ucross and Djerassi.

Additional Work:

dailybell Summer Solstice celebration (2018) at the Chapel of the
Chimes in Oakland, CA. It was part of the Garden of Memory event founded and curated by Sarah

Press Quotes:

“By the central patio a few people stood with their arms outstretched and eyes closed, just
listening as the sound rose and peaked and dropped and rose again. So many people smiling,
ringing, watching, just looking around at the hundreds of faces orienting towards a center of
One man stared into my face. What is happening here? he asked, but it was soft, genuine, open. I
shrugged, and looked away from him out at the crowd, because there was no other answer.
It was so moving to stand there sweating with everyone, I said to Deb later, so sweet to recognize
together that this day is over.
Not just the day (sunset) but the summer, its peak – the longest day over, the light heading now
towards its decline and the darker days. Not knowing what they’ll bring, but the peak marked by
this strange and specific communal making, by the ringing of so many tiny bells.”
– Leora Friedman from Temporary Art Review.
July 6, 2017 “One last letter: on Oakland’s Museum of Capitalism and the emergent gaze”





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