[Sept 8] New Music on the Island

Visit us on Sept. 8th for two extraordinary performances beginning at 3 pm in Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island. An event shared with Second Sundays by Pioneer Works. September 8th, 2019 – FREE.


Eclectic artists from the Japanese experimental music scene, Akaihirume plus guests and Gil Kuno will perform their audio experiments for the US audience followed by sound artist Ben Manley who will conduct a multi-location sound art performance with Peter Zummo and special guests.

Akaihirume Photo By Martin Holtkamp

Artists Bios

Akaihirume is a Japanese singer whose ear is always tuned to the world’s sounds, which she keeps as material in her shell. As both an original songwriter and an improviser she has worked with a variety of artists, including Carl Stone, Joke Lanz, Simon Fisher Turner, and Yasumune Morishige. A Her singing was used in the soundtrack for the film Dies Irae by Eori Wakakuwa, and features in the sound installation by Duncan Speakman & Sarah Anderson Songs For A Thousand Duets, as part of the Saitama Trienniale 2016.  

Gil Kuno Photo courtesy of the Artist

Gil Kuno:The goal of sublimating everyday perception underlies many of the projects he has exhibited or performed. He aims to push people away from paradigmatic thinking through various themes and methodologies – aleatoric systems (chance operations,) exaggerated perception, derailed reality and re-envisioning experiences common within everyday life.

He has collaborated with artists such as Eye Yamantaka (Boredoms,) Yoshimi (Boredoms, OOIOO,) Battles, Vincent Gallo, Ken Ishii, Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins,) Carl Stone, Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot,) Steve Albini (Big Black, Shellac,) Cristian Vogel, Zbigniew Karkowski, Merzbow, GX Jupitter Larsen (The Haters,) Nissennenmondai, Christian Galarreta, Joseph Hammer, Patric Catani (EC8TOR.)


“Akaihirume’s voice, sometimes gruff and animal like, sometimes clear as a bell on the Vistula.” Carl Stone

Website:  https://akaihirume.wixsite.com/akaihirume
FB: https://www.facebook.com/akaihirume

Gil Kuno:

website: www.unsound.comFB:  www.facebook.com/gilkunoIG:  @gilkuno 

 Gil Kuno:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7LePk5RV-o

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