[Jun 2] Support our Source Of Uncertainty – IndieGoGo Campaign!

Source of Uncertainty celebrates the Buchla 200e and DIY modular synthesis. Centering around two free New York City concerts, on June 28th and July 7th 2012, the series is a collaborative initiative of New York-based curatorial organizations, Harvestworks and ((audience)), and takes place as part of the River to River festival. The first event will feature a modular synth fair and we will be interviewing Buchla musicians for a program on Art on Air.

Thurs June 28th 2012 // South Street Seaport // 210 Front Street NYC
Control Voltage Faire 3-8pm
Buchla Recital ft Alessandro Cortini, Carlos Giffoni, Mark Verbos 8-10
Late concert ft Xeno & Oaklander and Loud Objects

Sat July 7 2012 // Schimmel Arts Center // 3 Spruce Street NYC
Richard Lainhart “Orchestra Of the Damned”
Morton Subotnick premiers “Energy Shapes”

What We Need & What You Get

We are non-profit organizations, meaning we need your help in raising $7500 to put together these concerts by Jun 2, 2012. Here is where the money is going:

1) Artist compensation goes to Morton Subotnick, Alessandro Cortini, Carlos Giffoni, Mark Verbos, Xeno & Oaklander, and Loud Objects. Participating artists are transporting their large synthesizer system, in Alessandro’s case flying out to the event, and preparing works specific to the event.

2) Event production costs include the speaker rental, lights, transportation of the large 200e cabinets, table and chair rental, lunch for interns. We are rigging a nontraditional event space and need additional filler speakers for quadrophonic (multichannel) experience. Equally important, we have to buy some wine and beer for June 28th!

You can receive all the sweet perks listed on our campaign page. Here are the details: http://www.indiegogo.com/sourceofuncertainty

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