[Aug 6] Electropixel 12 – Nature and Cities

For Governor’s Island Electropixel 12 proposes an evening of sound art and live cinema centered around the idea of Nature and cities with performances that includes the sounds of nature (water, insects, stratosphere, trees…) and listening in different cities around the globe. Live outdoor performances with Ben Owen, Solar Return,… Continue reading

[August 7th] “Silver Fleece” by William Hooker

A suite for the “outdoors” – composed of six parts which features original composition and improvisation. Sunday, August 7th, 2022 • 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm • RUN TIME OF PERFORMANCE: An hour and ½ (approx)Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island The Ensemble William Hooker, drums/composer  On Kaa Davis, guitar,  Hans… Continue reading

[July 16] Creative Play with Yehwan Song

The web is an experimental, diverse, and creative medium. Web artist Yehwan Song creates anti-friendly, unconventional, and independent websites, attempting to overturn general understandings of web design and subvert user behavior. At the workshop, Yehwan will install her artwork “Aquarium” and invite participants to interact with this piece. Aquarium is… Continue reading

[May 28 – Aug 7] Alaap by Surabhi Saraf

Awoke & Awokened: Alaap, is an installation of experimental music, video, and sculpture by Surabhi Saraf. Weaving together the alchemical materiality of modern-day tech alongside the ancient technologies of earth, atmosphere, heat, and pressure, Saraf presents a speculative mythology of AI. The work unfolds as a series of encounters with Awoke —… Continue reading