[June 19th] Luc Vitk: Water Vision

Harvestworks is pleased to present 2024 artist in residence Luc Vitk’s multichannel piece, Water Vision, for water, the visitors, and six speakers. During the presentation, the visitors will become part of the installation to interpret the piece and generate 26 minutes of water music. Location: Harvestworks Studios 596 Broadway Suite… Continue reading

[May 17 – Aug 18] New Waves in Art and Tech exhibition – MAIN PAGE

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center announces the New Waves in Art and Tech, an exhibition for our Art and Technology Program on Governors Island.  A group show that opens the season with studies in human perception via artworks that explore privacy, brain-computer interfaces, climate and fungal networks, Artificial Intelligence and… Continue reading

[May 17 – Aug 18] ARBORETUM by Mónica de la Torre and Hans Tammen

ARBORETUM is a collaboration between poet Mónica de la Torre and sound artist Hans Tammen. A series of poems written by de la Torre, inspired by some of the trees of Governors Island, are in turn processed and spatialized by Tammen. De la Torre considered the botanical and historical specificities… Continue reading

[May 17 – Aug 18]  AI Heaven by Ahmed El Shaer 

A two channel video installation comprising images and animated short loops where the artist collaborates with artificial intelligence to explore questions about the afterlife and how a machine imagines the metaphysical and the transcendental. All images are produced through generative technologies—the final artistic works—are fully created by machine intelligence without… Continue reading

[May 17 – Aug 18]   AERONAUT by Judy Dunaway

This immersive, site-specific installation commemorates pioneer daredevil aviator Charles K. (“Charlie”) Hamilton making the first round trip flight between New York City and Philadelphia on June 13, 1910, taking off from and returning to Governors Island. My installation works with the themes of air, flying, floating, rubber, inflatables and simple… Continue reading

[May 17 – Aug 18] Here’s the Information We Collect and LUCA by Tansy Xiao

 Here’s the Information We Collect, is an interactive video installation tailored to respond selected privacy policy posted on major social media platforms. Audience members are invited to engage with the work by speaking into a microphone.   LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor – the hypothetical single-cell organism from which all… Continue reading

 [May 17 – Aug 18] Star Catcher by Adelle Lin and Matt Pinner

Star Catcher is an immersive installation that encourages participants to engage with their environment in a playful and imaginative manner. Using projection and magical objects, the installation creates a simulated night sky that is brimming with an ethereal constellation of stars that participants can catch. Blurring the line between audience… Continue reading