[May 1]Sergey Kasich, Tomoko Hojo

OptoSonic MayDay Marathon This performance is a variation of Tomoko Hojo’s piece ‘touch’ (2020) which uses video score based on archival materials about Yoko Ono from the New York Public Library. May 1,  2021 at 4 pm EST This work is based on the theme of physical contact in the… Continue reading

[Apr 11] ZOOM IN: OLAP #7 with Quarantine Concerts/ESS

Our collaboration with Experimental Intermedia continues with our seventh ZOOM IN: OLAP (Online Live Art Performance) community discussion forum. For this event we have invited Experimental Sound Studio (ESS) to talk about their Quarantine Concerts (TQC), an online streaming hub created in March 2020 with the goal of providing a centralized, generative space for… Continue reading

[May 8 – Aug 8] Joseph Morris

This new work by artist Joseph Morris is a sonified data abstraction that turns inverted wine glasses into bells and sonic resonators through the use of computer-controlled electromagnets.  The piece uses custom muon particle detectors that are typically used in particle accelerators and to detect the presence of cosmic rays… Continue reading

[May 8 – Aug 8] Recalibrating by Andrew Demirjian

Recalibrating  – An emergency response drone scours the landscape looking for human life in a world where people are mysteriously absent. Announcements from the drone’s megaphone echo across the terrain as its onboard artificial intelligence system grapples with a world that was unimagined by its programmers. Unable to accomplish its encoded objective, the drone attempts… Continue reading

[May 23] Hausmusik III presents: Imitation Systems (IMSYS) by Tommy Martinez

IMSYS is a software based sound performance using simulation technologies such as flocking algorithms, computer generated 3D space, and acoustic room modeling to explore contentious relationships between technology, identity and representation in computational landscapes. Harvestworks 596 Broadway Suite 602 @ Houston Street NYC Performance 7:30-8:30pm Talk/Demo 8:30-9:00 Tommy Martinez is… Continue reading

[April 11] HWxHausmusik

A series of live performances featuring musicians and visual artists that cultivates new works and ideas in an intimate space. The main focus is bringing together the community of emerging performers and modern listeners. Time: 8 pm Date: Thursday April 11, 2019 Location: Harvestworks 596 Broadway Suite 602 NYC 10012… Continue reading