1999 Presentations

Jose Halac
March 4
Performance by the composer Jose Halac at the AlterKnit Theater in the Knitting Factory featuring his new CD “Dance of 1000 Heads,” published by TELLUS Media, a Harvestworks program.

“Electro-acoustic Sound Emersions”
March 20
Electro-acoustic sound emersions performed by Stephen Vitiello, Michael Evans and Paul Geluso at Smack Melon Studios, plus a video screening “Taking You Somewhere,” curated by Laurie Brown featuring works from the Harvestworks Artist In Residence Program.

“Encounters'” Series with the Electronic Music Fou
April 3
Presentation by Nick Didkovsky and Phil Burk, authors of JSYN & JSML, two programs which allow interactive computer music pieces within a Web site.

David Zicarelli and Laetitia Sonami
April 17
Presentation by David Zicarelli, the author of MSP, “a signal processing extension to the MAX programming environment,” and composer Laetitia Sonami.

“Spaces”/The Online Performance Project
April 18
The work originated from four locations: the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College, Oakland, CA; Harvestworks; The Thing; and the Morton Street Studio in New York City. Tubulence.org described it as “an exploration that uses sound to try and make audible the spaces in which the performers are working.” With Maggi Payne and Brenda Hutchinson, composers, and Leslie Stuck, audio/Internet engineer, from Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College; Annie Gosfield and Roger Kleier, composers, and Carol Parkinson and Leslie Lavellet, audio/Internet engineers from Harvestworks;  David Gamper, Kevin McCoy and Pauline Olivero at The Thing; and Scott Rosenberg, Helen Thorington and Jesse Gilbert, composers, and Jesse Gilbert, audio/Internet engineer, from the Morton Street Studio in New York.

“The Pixeled Narrative”
April 29
Video pesentation of “The Pixeled Narrative” at the Avignon Film Festival Box Office, 55 E. 59th St., New York City.

“LIPS (Live Internet Performance)”
May 1
Cathy Weiss talks about LIPS (Live Internet Performance) and the collaboration between Harvestworks and Bennington College.

“Turbulence @ Harvestworks”
June 7
A presentation of newly commissioned works for the Turbulence site, featuring works by artists Zoe Beloff, Jesse Gilbert, Friederike Paetzold and Neil Zusman. http://turbulence.org.

“The Appearance Machine”
June 14
A behind the scenes look at “The Appearance Machine,” a new installation work by the artists Eric Rosenzweig and Willy Le Maitre that “utilizes found objects with real time display and manipulation of multiple video views.”

NYFA Computer Arts Fellowship Recipients
June 28
Works included artist Prashant Bhargava’s computer-generated animation; Martha Burgess’s CD-Romexploring “visual thinking as composed of a unique blend of images, sounds, words and the experiences that contain them”; collaborating architects/artists Christine Calderon and Omar Calderon; Melanie Crean’s interactive kinetic sculpture “Golem”; Jeff Gompertz and his project “Fakeshop”; Ian Spalter’s CD-Rom “The Cassandra Project”; Beth Stryker’s Web site project “disseminet.walkerart.org”; and Andrea Summers’ video animation serial entitled “World Without Femmes.”

Thundergulch/World Views @ Harvestworks
November 22
Thundergulch/World Views @ Harvestworks. New media work created by some recent residents from LMCC’s World Views residency program that takes place on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center. Featuring Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s long term, multiple media project, “Airworld” (www.airworld.net), sponsored by the Walker Art Center, and a selection of digital video work by Paul Pfeiffer.

“THE 100th TURN”
December 13, 1999 to February 2000
Video works from the Harvestworks Artist-In-Residence program were on view on the digital video wall at 1251 Avenue of the Americas: “A series of video art to be screened through February 2000 on state-of-the-art monitors in Pedestrian Concourse.” With artists Peter d’Agostino, Ken Jacobs, Caterina Borelli, Tirtza Even, Joan Jonas, Visual Artist, Jem Cohen, Kit Fitzgerald, Matthew Schlanger, L. Halsey Brown, Annie Gosfield and Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe. Cover art by Ericka Beckman

“Dreaming Brain”
December 13
Presentation in collaboration with Thundergulch of “Dreaming Brain,” a combination of film, electronic game, painting and video created by artist Steve Miller, and “Cathedral” by William Duckworth, an ongoing work of music and art designed and written specifically for the virtual concert space of the Internet.

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