2002 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies

Marina Rosenfeld

Marina Rosenfeld (Music) for completion of delusional situation, a sound installation inspired by the Paul Celan poem “You–all, all real. I–all delusion.” By creating a surround sound mix with a variety of different sounds, the listener will be able to have a temporary sense of experience outside the confinements of the room and thrust into a vast landscape of endless sounds. The delusional situation is scheduled to be exhibited in March 2002 at the Whitney Museum. Marina is an audio artist who has performed live and has exhibited her work on both the East and West coasts.

Latasha Diggs

Latasha Diggs (Music) for work on Imperfecciones: La Magic de la Television, an audio project using the spoken word and sound motifs exploring the use of television amongst working poor African American women and how this particular medium is commonly used as a means of escape and therapy not only to African American women but also to the masses. Latasha will record, mix and master a CD using various vocal loops, bits from various television shows and a one on one interview with mom combined with different instruments. This project is scheduled to perform at various venues through out Manhattan and broadcast on WBAI’s Liquid Sound Lounge in Fall/Winter 2002.

Monique Buzzarté

Monique Buzzarté (Music) for the development of a live interactive music performance system. Monique is a Trombonist/composer who has been a featured artist at festivals in the U.S. and abroad.
Kristin Norderval (Music) for creating a portable interactive music system, and to master recordings of on-site improvisations. Kristin is a classically trained singer from Norway who has performed in New York, Europe, and Cuba.

Andrea Parkins

Andrea Parkins (Music) for using Max/MSP to develop a sonic system based on speech, drawings, and graphs. Andrea is a musician whose works have appeared at the Whitney Museum, the Knitting Factory, PS1, and has toured in the United States and Europe.

Joseph Reinsel

Joseph Reinsel (Music) for working on From the Center Out, a four part multimedia composition. Joseph is a composer with an interest on the visualization of sound, and has performed throughout the United States. He currently works and studies at Rennsselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Douglas Henderson

Douglas Henderson (Installation) for completing an interactive sound/sculpture installation piece titled Petals on a Wet, Black Bough. Consisting of thirty voices, each individual element of the piece reflects a part of humanity. All autonomous to each other yet connected by the aggregate sound woven into part of a larger composition or rather a social fabric. Henderson is a composer and performer who recently won a Bessie award for Kriyas, a collaboration with Guy Yarden and Mia Lawrence. (Radio) for preparing Aural Safari for radio broadcast. Aural Safari is based on a “sound hunting” expedition Christopher recently made in New York.

Danny Hobart

Danny Hobart (Film/Video) for audio editing his recently completed video Debut and Soon. Danny is a New York-based video artist whose works have been shown at Postmasters Gallery, The Standard Hotel, and Sothebys. And will be premiering at the Gorney-Bravin-Lee Gallery in New York.

Christopher DeLaurenti

Christopher DeLaurenti (Radio) for preparing Aural Safari for radio broadcast. Aural Safari is based on a “sound hunting” expedition Christopher recently made in New York.

Jody Zellen

Jody Zellen (Web) for creating a Web site for Disembodied Voices, a piece about solitary communication. Jody is a Santa Monica based Web artist who has had shows at Deep River, Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum, and Montgomery Gallery.

Ricardo Miranda Zuniga

Ricardo Miranda Zuniga (Art Performance) for producing a public display/ performance piece using a media art cart resembling a food vending cart. This piece will explore the dynamics of the late capitalism within a tiny sector of the world. Documenting a group of Brooklyn-based food vendors, this piece will examine the cultural and economic issues immigrants experience each and every day. Raised in both Nicaragua and San Francisco, Ricardo focuses his performance and multimedia art pieces on immigration, miscegenation, and love.

Onome Ekeh

Onome Ekeh (Digital Media) for working on <<Lovemad>>, a love story told on CD ROM. Onome is a Nigerian born, New York-based writer and film maker who has produced work In Europe and the United States.


Andy Graydon

Andy Graydon (Sound Installation) for completing Rupt, two CDs of experimental audio work that function as a portable sound installation kit. Andy is a film maker and sound artist who has produced works in Seattle, Chicago, and New York.

Patrick Meagher

Patrick Meagher (Sound Installation)  for working on three pieces related to landscape architecture and urbanism. Patrick is an audiovisual artist who works both in Germany and New York.

Istvan Szilasi

Istvan Szilasi (Film/Video) for post-production work on Cold-ezee, a stop action video. Istvan is a Hungarian film maker who has shown work in Hungary, Germany, and the United States.

Tiffany Ludwig

Tiffany Ludwig (Digital Media) along with collaborator Renee Piechocki, for creating a piece that contemplates dichotomies of work and art, feminism and patriarchy, and activism and citizenship. Their group, Two Girls Working, will have their first video project, Trappings, exhibited at the Bronx Council on the Arts in January 2002.

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