2021 Fall Residencies

The Harvestworks New Works is pleased to announce our 2021 recipients. The recipients are commissioned to create a new work in the Harvestworks TEAM (Technology, Engineering, Art and Music) Lab. The applications were reviewed by Curator Lauren Rosati and Executive Director Carol Parkinson

Miya Masaoka: A New Multi-channel Installation

Miya’s multi-channel installation will be presented in the 3-dimensional speaker structure in the Immersive Room at Governor’s Island in 2022. Sound will be recorded and diffused to a unique listening experience. 

Miya Masaoka is an American composer, sound artist and musician. Her work explores bodily perception of vibration, movement and time, while foregrounding complex timbre relationships. She has created a body of work that encompasses interdisciplinary sound art, spatialized sound installations, hybrid acoustic/electronic performance, new Noh operas, choirs, mapping movement of insects, and three-dimensional scores.  

Su Hyun Nam: Replica

Replica is a multi-channel video installation that digitally replicates a human cognitive system in a 3D space. The GAN-generated, dream-like landscapes are converted into volumetric images and also sonified in Max/MSP/Jitter to provide an alternative sensory experience of memories. The volumetric images explore possibilities in digital technology as a companion cognizer by envisioning technology’s autonomous change, development, and evolution.

Su Hyun Nam is an interdisciplinary media artist and researcher working at the intersection of art, technology, science, and philosophy, exploring a nonlinguistic, experiential, and affective relationship with digital media. Her work, including experimental video, interactive media, 3D game art, and media performance, has been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues from Spain, UAE, Greece, and Singapore to South Korea. Su Hyun Nam earned an M.F.A in art and technology studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Ph.D. in Media Study from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Transmedia and the director of the computer gaming program at Syracuse University. 

C. Lavender Suarez: A/V Spatial Audio Piece


C. Lavender’s A/V spatial audio piece is created for 5 speakers that responds in real time to a hypnotic video based upon her background in sound as a therapeutic method. This piece would be an advanced extension of a piece regarding psychoacoustics that she presented at MoMA PS1 in 2015. The work would be primarily composed using Max/MSP for both the audio movement and edited version of the accompanying video.

C. Lavender is a multi-disciplinary sound artist, sound healing practitioner and educator whose work spans through live performance, recording, installations, compositions, videos and workshops. She seeks to create an immersive aural landscape for the listener, an experience which is intensely physical, emotional and ultimately cathartic. C. Lavender has performed, lectured and hosted workshops at MoMA, The Whitney, and The Guggenheim, among other venues. C. Lavender has albums and recordings featured on the labels Editions Mego, Ecstatic Peace!, and RVNG Intl. C. Lavender published her debut book “Transcendent Waves: How Listening Shapes Our Creative Lives,” with Anthology Editions in 2020. 

Woody Sullender: Banjo-Playing Avatar

Woody created a banjo-playing game avatar of himself. He has used this avatar as a musical duet partner, as a stand-in for him in videos, and as a doppelganger for live performance. He will use Harvestworks’ resources to gesturally direct the avatar, in both character’s movements as will as its musical performance. Ideally, the avatar will be able to move and perform music more naturally with his own movements. 

Woody Sullender is an artist based in Queens, NY. His pieces encompass a myriad of media including sculpture, video games, performance, theater, music, installation, architecture, origami, and sonic weaponry. His recent work utilizes video game space as an arena to undermine specific modernist ideologies and rituals of music reception. Previously, Sullender was recognized as a pre-eminent experimental banjo improviser and hosted a weekly radio program on WFMU. Among other activities, he teaches new media at various New York institutions and is founding co-editor (will Bill Dietz) of the sonic arts publication EAR WAVE EVENT.

Artist Scholarship was granted to Sylvain Souklaye. Workspace Resident is Robert Voisey.

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