2023 New Works Artist Residencies

The Harvestworks New Works is pleased to announce our 2023 recipients. The recipients are commissioned to create a new work in the Harvestworks TEAM (Technology, Engineering, Art and Music) Lab. The applications were reviewed by composer, cellist and educator Margaret Schedel, composer, improviser, sound artist, educator Matthew Goodheart , composer and audio engineer Kevin Ramsay and Executive Director Carol Parkinson.

Katherine Behar: Indispensable

As an interdisciplinary artist focusing on feminism and materialism, Katherine Behar will present a new installation piece called Indispensable. This multimedia project explores the relationship between human beings and the neglected non-human efforts made by hand-free dispensers.The cupped hands gesture of supplication we show in order to activate the dispenser indicates the hidden vulnerability of human beings. Katherine Behar integrates this project with her long-term study and writing of Artificial Ignorance, with inspirations from human-machine interactions during Covid-19. Katherine’s artistic works has been presented through North America and Europe, and she has also published academic writings.

Brittany Engel-Adams

Movement artist Brittany Engel-Adams will explore the organic combination of performance with motion capture, 3D simulation, and voice/sound synthesis. Her current research creates a relationship between the motion of objects and sound through simulations of quantum and Newtonian physics. Multiple experiments will be conducted during the residency which integrate movement, sound, biometrics, and haptics to explore these spaces, and the final results of the research will be unified into one performance. https://www.brittanyengeladams.com/

Kamari Carter and Julian Day: To Be Held

Photo of Kamari Carer and Julian Day

To Be Held is an installation that channels LED lights that presents emojis, fonts and visuals with ambient live electronic music, resonating with social dynamics during 2021 & 2022. The project is created by C/D, a collective formed by sound artist Kamari Carter and artist and composer Julian Day, both focuses on social topics like power relationship, identity system, etc. Their works have been presented in multiple venues like Moma, RISD Museum, Tate Modern, MASS MoCa, etc. The former versions of the project have been tested multiple times in several NYC local venues, and new inspirations and developments will be added during the residency. A New Music USA residency.
https://www.kamaricarter.com/ https://www.julianday.com/

Mónica de la Torre and Hans Tammen: ARBORETUM

Photo of Monica de la Torre

Mónica de la Torre is a poet and essayist who explores interdisciplinary art through translation, performance, and visual art. She has published several books in both English and Spanish and her writings has appeared on several periodicals. During the residency she will collaborate with sound artist Hans Tammen, who explores multi-channel sound with the combination of loudspeaker orchestra and and object-based sound. Their collaborative project ARBORETUM is a sound installation and live performance based on the poems of Mónica, which explores the history of each tree species. The project will broaden the imagination of how trees perceive the surrounding environment, and the metabolistic process they are going through.

Michelle Jaffè in collaboration with Phil Edelstein and David Reeder: LocaleS3

Photo of Michelle Jaffe

LocaleS3 is a project that explores sound perception with multiple spatial and kinetic interactions like movements, locations, directions, and integrates virtual/physical sound objects. Multiple hardware/software explorations will be included in the project in collaboration with the NousDigital NousSonic system to localize the audience. Permutations in space and sound will create an audio-spatial world for the audiences to experience. Michelle Jaffè, an interdisciplinary artist who brings sound into 3d space, will co-work with composer Phil Edelstein and software engineer David Reeder to produce the project.
https://michellejaffe.com/ http://davidreeder.org/

Anaïs Maviel

Photo of Anais Maviel

As a vocalist and composer, Anaïs Maviel uses sound to explore relations, intimacy and subconsciousness. Focusing on the cosmologies of sound and therapeutic approaches, Anaïs would like to make a series of sound experiments during the residency to create different sound effects in relation with spatial perception and healing process. She will collaborate with musician and producer Rashaan Carter and work on recording singing bowls and other instruments. They would ultimately produce healing audio experiences that exerts subtle influences on the audiences’s body and consciousness. A New Music USA residency.

Lisa Moren: Under the Bay

Lisa Moren is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with emerging media. Her works across different media have been presented in multiple venues including Chelsea Art Museum and Ars Electronica. She is creating an AR app that plays 3D animation and music with live data captured from natural environments in Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in North America in order to reflect on the climate change issues happening around the world. This cross-species project increases awareness about the human relationship with microbes through the inter-communication between data, humans and augmented reality experiences.

Daniel Neumann: The Rome Tone Generator

Photo of Daniel Newmann

Daniel Neumann is a Brooklyn-based sound artist who works on sound installations that explores audio-spatial relationships. His works have been presented nationally in venues like MoMa, Zona Maco CDMX, Goethe Institut Bogotá. He will create a modular software instrument that is controllable with touchOSC and plays background tones that resonates with a space. The instrument intends for potential collaboration and exchange, so people in multiple situations and with different backgrounds could use the instrument to create experiences.

Lauren Petty and Shaun Irons: All That Is Seen and Unseen

Lauren Petty and Shaun Irons (Automatic Release) are multi-platform artists creating performances, installations and interactive videos that have been showcased at BAM, The Brooklyn Museum, Anthology Film Archives, and other national and international venues. All That Is Seen and Unseen is a new live performance installation, being made in collaboration with composer Zach Layton, which investigates the multifarious effects of technology on our collective human consciousness. The work confronts the dangerous erosion of truth and trust in our society, which is rapidly intensifying due to advancing AI, computational propaganda, deepfakes, and other tools that manipulate and obscure reality.Through image, music, custom programming, and performance, the artists will explore machine learning by creating a performative neural network in real time, elucidating algorithmic systems which influence our daily lives and experiences. www.automaticrelease.org

Luke Stewart: Works for Upright Bass and Amplifier

Photo of Luke Stewart

Luke Stewart is a NYC/DC based musician and organizer whose work has been supported by residency programs at Roulette, and Pioneer Works and multiple music festivals. He will make an audio-visual work that uses visual movement to generate and explore the possibilities of audio-feedback. The results will be a performance in collaborated with other video/movement artists. A New Music USA residency.

Jessica Segall: Human Energy: Light, Sweet and Crude

photo from a video by Jessica Segall

Jessica Segall is a NYC-based artist whose work is constructed around threatened landscapes. Her works have been screened internationally at The Queens Museum of Art, The Aldrich Museum, the Coreana Museum of Art and others. She will create an experimental multi-channel video work that discusses human beings’ addictive, intimate relationship with oil. The work proposes a way of queering the environment and space through video, in relation with urgent conversations about environmental care, interconnectivity and community.

Tansy Xiao: An Interactive Video Opera

Photo of Tansy Xiao

Tansy Xiao is an artist, curator and writer based in NYC who explore non-linear narratives and the inadequacy of language through installations. Her works has been shown at venues like Queens Museum, Piksel Festival, etc. Xiao will be working on an interactive video opera installation that embeds LCD screens into furniture and allow the audience or performers to trigger them. AI generated voices will be used as the audio portion of the project. It is an exploration about new possibilities in incorporating different technologies and media forms and discusses our relationship with them.

Artist Scholarships were granted to Sara Stern, Elico Suzuki, Matti Weisberg, moira williams, Emmett Palaima and Alice Shields.

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Residencies were awarded to David Wilson and Sherese Francis.

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