[June 23] Prismatic Xtychs: Meditations on Chance, Choice, and Action by Christina Wheeler

Prismatic Xtychs: Meditations on Chance, Choice, and Action is the second in a series of structured improvisation performances works meditating on chance and choice through gestural and sonic action. The audience hears an invocation/incantation to which they can choose to respond by a series of chance gestures that determine the structure of this premiering sonic performance work. The… Continue reading

LiveCode.NYC Last Weekend!

LiveCode.NYC! Last Weekend Friday April 28 – May 14, 2023 Regen Circuit:LiveCode.NYC Residency at the Harvestworks Art and Technology Program on Governors Island. Check here for the calendar of events and here for the exhibition information and here for participant bios. This is a Satellite Event for this year’s International Conference of Live Coding (ICLC). Open Fri. Sat. and Sun. from… Continue reading