[July 16] Creative Play with Yehwan Song

The web is an experimental, diverse, and creative medium. Web artist Yehwan Song creates anti-friendly, unconventional, and independent websites, attempting to overturn general understandings of web design and subvert user behavior. At the workshop, Yehwan will install her artwork “Aquarium” and invite participants to interact with this piece. Aquarium is… Continue reading

[May 28 – Aug 7] District 33 – The Duel by Joe Diebes

District 33 – The Duel is an algorithmic music video installation by Joe Diebes that centers on the gentrification of the Greenpoint, Brooklyn waterfront and the role of art and artists in that process. The work’s ever-changing narrative follows Xenia (played by Christina Campanella), an artist-turned-detective with a forensic ear for… Continue reading