[Aug 28 – Oct 31] …remnants by Matthew Goodheart

…remnants  is an immersive sound installation combining live transducer-activated resonant instruments and found objects with binaural bone-conducting headphone listening for one person at a time. (Covid restrictions will apply). …remnants is part of an ongoing series of compositional installations and performance works using transducers that explore the nature of space,… Continue reading

[Aug 28 – Oct 31] Ephemerospheres by Mike Bullock

Ephemerospheres is an installation of electroacoustic audio works for wave field synthesis speaker array. The system’s creator, Mike Bullock, is a composer and intermedia artist whose work centers on listening to the unique qualities of particular spaces, both while recording natural environments and while creating virtual ones with loudspeakers. Bullock designed… Continue reading

[July 12, July 19, July 30] Collab-Hub, a tool for interconnected audiovisual performance, installations, and more.

Learn to use Collab-Hub for remote/local collaboration with tools like Max, Pd, Arduino, Web. Participants will become familiar with Collab-Hub and create collaborative projects. Workshops on July 12th and July 19 from 1 – 3 pmPerformance on July 30th is documented on the Harvestworks YouTube Channel Location: Online – email… Continue reading

[May 8 – Aug 8] Joseph Morris

This new work by artist Joseph Morris uses computer-controlled electromagnets to turn inverted wine glasses into sonic resonators, similar to the vibrations created when you rub your finger along the rim of a glass.  However, the sonic composition here is activated by a cosmic ray muon detector embedded in the… Continue reading