[May 22 – July 20] Two Rooms from the Memory Palace – Andrea Parkins

“Two Rooms from the Memory Palace.”is a multi-channel, multi-part generative audio installation, reflecting the artist’s ongoing exploration of poetic interrelationships between site and time, and between gestural trace and acoustical space. The work is diffused through physical spaces (ìRoomsî) that are adjacent but not acoustically or compositionally isolated from each… Continue reading

[July 7 – July 20] Victoria Vesna – Charles Taylor: Bird Song Diamond

Bird Song Diamond is an interactive installation based on long-term research (2011- present) allowing multifaceted, interdisciplinary perspectives — uniquely connecting the nodes of evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence, spatial sound, mechatronic art and interactive technologies. The diamond as a crystal lattice of connected nodes reflects the commitment of each node to… Continue reading

[May 22 – July 20] The Indent Hours – Ed Osborn

Indent Hours is an eight-channel, generative audio installation designed for the courtyard space of Castle Williams. The piece is a constantly evolving soundscore consisting of slow melodic tones and fragments of spoken texts. The melodies are based on music that w as played on the island in both the military band school and in prisoner’s band.… Continue reading

[May 26] The Sound World of Circuits with Tonic Train

Tonic Train demonstrate the inherent capabilities that various electronic components offer for sound production as they introduce a unique array of home-built instruments. The soundscapes they create from a cascade of beeps, buzzes and drones leave space for the listener to construct a personal narrative, with no prescribed plan or suggested guidance for the… Continue reading