[May 26] The Sound World of Circuits with Tonic Train

Tonic Train demonstrate the inherent capabilities that various electronic components offer for sound production as they introduce a unique array of home-built instruments. The soundscapes they create from a cascade of beeps, buzzes and drones leave space for the listener to construct a personal narrative, with no prescribed plan or suggested guidance for the journey. With sensitivity they expose the expressive ness of raw electronic sound in a surprising mixture of the rough and the delicate.

Opening from May 22 through July 20, 2015
Nolan Park Building 5a5b, Governors Island, NY


Tuesday 26th May 8:00PM


Tonic Train is the long-standing experimental electronics duo of the radio and sound art composers Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann (aka Mobile Radio). The combination of Sarah’s homemade circuit-bent instruments and Knut’s feedback mixer creates a rich spectrum of fundamental electronic noises. The appropriation of electronic circuits allows the various components to unleash a noisy pallet of latent sounds, and

the improper use of standard audio equipment unleashes feedback which requires delicate manipulation to control. Tonic Train have a specific interest in radio technology, therefore micro transmission is an important part of the sound field they create. Since forming in the year 2000, Tonic Train has been incorporated into a range of other projects including a touring ensemble with Otomo Yoshihide, Toshimaru Nakamura, Nic Collins, Xentos ‘F ray’ Bentos and video artist Billy Roisz, ongoing trios with Munich Philharmonic violist Gunter Pretzel and Japanese sound artist Haco, and guest spots with established groups such as the Resonance Radio Orchestra.

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